Northern Cyprus News | Lemar changes trade name

Thursday, June 30, 2022

Jeniduzen reported that he has changed the brand of the Remar supermarket chain after operating in Northern Cyprus for 25 years.

Under the control of Directors Gaye Boyacı Menteş and Göz de Boyacı, the business will continue to trade under the names Macro Supermarket and Molto Supermarket owned by Levent Foods Ltd.

The statement given to Jeniduzen said:

“”Lemar Supermarkets, which has been servicing the people of the Republic of Northern Cyprus since 1997, has changed both its name and company structure and is revamping itself for development. We aim to gain a better understanding of the quality and safe service we have maintained uncompromising for 25 years, and we need to be competitive for success and innovative for competition. believe. Two powerful brands are ready to carry the directions to the address, the names to the stops, and the brands that are frequent destinations for all of us for the future.“.

Jeniduzen Northern Cyprus News | Lemar changes trade name

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