Northern Cyprus News | Need more border crossings: PMÜstel

[PM Ünal Üstel Inspects Border Checkpoints]

Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Prime Minister Enes Unal said he would like to open more border crossings. He added that not only were existing checkpoints improved and long lines reduced, but people across the north felt they were in a TRNC state.

He inspected various checkpoints in Nicosia and Famagusta on Monday and was told that the busiest checkpoint was Kermiya. [Metehan], 13,000 people cross every day. This is similar to the traffic at Ercan Airport.

Ustel quoted the significant economic benefits provided by Checkpoint. He said the delay in crossing the border was due to factors such as staff shortages, high demand, and poor layout.

The Prime Minister said the border crossing should feel like a gateway to the state of TRNC. This means that you need to display more emblems and symbols such as flags.

Jeniduzen Northern Cyprus News | Need more border crossings: PMÜstel

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