Northern Cyprus News | Ozersay refuses to meet Üstel to discuss coalition

[Kudret Özersay – Leader of HP]

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

The People’s Party (HP) will not meet with Ünal Üstel (UBP) to discuss the formation of a coalition, HP leader Kudret Özersay said, Yenidüzen reported.

Uster was recently empowered by President Ersin Tatar to establish a new government.

Özersay said.We have been writing and saying it for days. These events are contrary to democracy and democratic practices. The game is playing and as the People’s Party, we do not participate in such government-building games. So, of course, contrary to democratic practices, we will not hold a meeting to form a government with Mr. Uster, who has been tasked with this task.“.


On April 29, the three-party coalition, led by Faiz Sucuoglu (UBP), broke up for the second time in two weeks after two junior coalition partners withheld a vote of trust in Congress. On April 25, former governments, including UBP, the Democratic Party (DP) and the Rehabilitation Party (YDP), resigned after Tatar refused to approve the dismissal of Sukhor’s finance minister, Snato Atun, on disciplinary action.

On Monday, President Ersin Tatar urged Deputy Unal Ustel of the National Unity Party (UBP) to form a government on the third such mission since the sudden elections in January.

Tatar assigned Uster, not Faiz Sucuoglu, the leader of the ruling UBP

Üstel represents UBP and has been Minister of the Interior since the election. Sucuoğlu has a problematic relationship with Turkey, which is said to have had a significant impact on the politics of Turkish Cyprus. He has formed and operated one unsuccessful coalition government since the election and has been unable to obtain parliamentary approval for his successor after the collapse last month.

According to Ahval, Turkey has sought to prevent the establishment of a coalition led by Sucuoğlu, who has been in conflict with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s administration since the party leader contest in October 2020. Opposition lawmaker And many political observers.

Jeniduzen, Ahval Northern Cyprus News | Ozersay refuses to meet Üstel to discuss coalition

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