Northern Cyprus News | Tross Suggests Creative Ideas to Boost the Economy

Sunday, April 3, 2022.

[Fikri Toros – CTP]

Jeniduzen said the solution to repair the damaged economy of Northern Cyprus after the Prime Minister’s comment that MP Ficri Toros (CTP) is accepting ideas to solve the economic crisis. Reported that he proposed.

Prime Minister Toros reassesses the Confidence-Building Measures Package, which includes opening both Elkan Airport and Famagusta Port to UN-controlled international transportation, and asks the Prime Minister to include all political parties and stakeholders in decision-making. I asked.

Toros’s suggestions are:

1) Immediate evaluation of the Confidence-Building Measures Package, including Ercan Airport and Famagusta Port, with the participation of all political parties and stakeholders. Next, call on the President to consult with the United Nations. These proposals will provide great impetus for the economic locomotives of tourism, industry and trade.

2) Immediately open the gates of Famagusta and Paphos in Akinjiral and Nicosia to enhance circulation and relationships throughout the island.

3) Hold a workshop to discuss all technical details related to euro index accounting and conversion policy to financial asset structure. This workshop invites officials from the European Commission and the World Bank, as well as financial experts.

4) Make sure that the Fiscal and Economic Cooperation Protocol with the Republic of Turkey contains the necessary arrangements to compensate for the inflation and financially reflected losses caused by the devaluation of TL.

5) Immediately tax the tax-exempt sector.

6) Exempt the minimum wage from all taxes within the framework of comprehensive tax reform. We will reduce the total income tax and corporate tax of 23.50% to 15%, which is targeted by businesses, increase the number of filings with fine and compensation mechanisms, and prevent informalism.

7) Implement comprehensive reforms of incentives.

8) Immediately cancel the brutal price increase made to the Price Stabilization Fund and relocate it so that it does not exceed 30%.

9) With the additional income generated as a result of the above measures, create additional budgetary legislation that you are persistently delaying, paving the way for government spending.

Jeniduzen Northern Cyprus News | Tross Suggests Creative Ideas to Boost the Economy

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