Northern Cyprus News | Worried and Depressing Corruption Levels

Sunday, July 24, 2022

Increasing corruption in TRNC is a concern, scholars Professor Ömer Gökçekuş and Associate Professor Sertaç Sonan said in an interview with Yeniduzen.

They described the situation as follows:depression” When “anxietyRefers to the “Northern Cyprus Corruption Barometer 2021” *, a regular Turkish Cypriot poll on their views on social and government corruption.

In polls, 90% of interviewees believe that corruption is a problem, 80% say that corruption is on the rise, and 90% of polls say the government is fighting corruption. I made it clear that I believe that I am not good at it.

Associate Professor Sertaç Sonan, director of the Cypriot and Mediterranean Research Center, said the majority of Turkish Cypriots said corruption was unacceptable even if the end result was positive. The rate of unacceptable corruption is 83%, the EU average.

“”The findings show that if a politician is determined to fight corruption, the individual is ready to follow.Despite all, almost half of society believes that the general public can make a difference in the fight against corruption.“Professor Sonan said.

Professor Ömer Gökçe kuş, a lecturer in the Faculty of Political Science and International Relations at the Cyprus International University (CIU), said it is important to show a serious political will to combat corruption.

He emphasized that corruption not only generally disrupts the efficient distribution of resources, but also distorts the income distribution of subgroups. He pointed out that it was also a concern in terms of justice.

When people complain, they need to see the problem resolved, Professor Gökçekuş said, according to the results of the study, almost one-third of society’s officials were never involved in corruption. He revealed that he was not punished.

*The Northern Cyprus Corruption Barometer 2021 study was created to assess the views and experiences of TRNC citizens based on the methodology used by Transparency International for the Global Corruption Barometer.

Yeniduzen Northern Cyprus News | Worried and Depressing Corruption Levels

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