North’s only ethnic minority candidate feels “scary” about racism in the region

Sipho Sibanda is the only known candidate from ethnic minorities. Northern Ireland Assembly At the election on Thursday. Her 43-year-old mother knew she could be the target of abuse, but she said she was “not the first time.”

from ZimbabweSibanda lives Belfast Since 2015, she has fled her home country as a political refugee. Settling in this part of the world was not her choice for her, but the problem of finding a “safe home.”

However, it did not take long for North Korea to develop its own prejudice. Ms. Sibanda was charged and “threatening” within the limits of Covid-19 after participating in the Black Lives Matters demonstration in Belfast and Delhi in June 2020. Was one of them.

This is a “horrible” threat that has plagued them for a year before the Department of Public Affairs dismissed the case as “there is no reasonable prospect of conviction for any crime.” Northern Ireland Police Services (PSNI) Chief of Police Simon Burn I was forced to apologize embarrassingly. The allegations that police response was unfair and discriminatory were justified, said the North Police Ombudsman.

Around the same time, there was controversy over the treatment of police where Republicans rallyed for the funeral of Bobby Story. A year later, the Loyalist rioted.

“If the rally was sectarian, it was all about negotiations,” Sibanda said. “No one was negotiating with us. No one at the political level represented our case. We were an easy target.”

“Systematic racism”

Ms. Sibanda sees policing as part of the tragedy of “systematic racism” in the north. “PSNI police blacks. It serves and protects whites.” North’s only ethnic minority candidate feels “scary” about racism in the region

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