Norway accepts Ukrainian refugees from Moldova to support medical evacuation

In response to a request from Moldova, the Norwegian government has agreed to help the country by bringing Ukrainian refugees from Moldova to Norway. In addition, Norway transports Ukrainian refugees in need of treatment to Norwegian hospitals for treatment. At this stage, the government plans to bring 5,250 Ukrainian refugees to Norway under various European plans.

Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre has announced that Norway will take refugees from Moldova to Norway and transport Ukrainian refugees in need of medical care to Norwegian hospitals.Credit: Prime Minister’s Office

First, Norway plans to bring 2500 Ukrainians from Moldova to Norway. In addition, Norway provides medical evacuation for a total of approximately 2,750 Ukrainian patients and their close relatives.

“Moldova is seeking help in dealing with the large number of refugees across the country, and Norway is ready to play that role, which is the most vulnerable refugees created by this horrific war. It also includes taking care. It is important for Norway to work with other European countries under an established European plan to help those fleeing the war, “said Prime Minister Jonas Garstore. Said.

Nationally organized process

“The government will now bring 5250 Ukrainian refugees to Norway. The refugee acceptance process must be organized and controlled under the direction of national authorities. Like any other country, I We accept refugees under various UN Refugee High Commissioners’ Offices and European schemes. It is commendable that so many people want to do something, but I am now. We are asking everyone to find other ways to contribute, rather than arranging transportation to Norway, “said Emily Engel Mer, Minister of Justice and Minister of Public Security.

Norway will work with other European countries to help Ukrainian refugees in need of hospital care and reduce the burden on the healthcare system of neighboring countries in Ukraine. These countries are under great pressure as a result of the influx of refugees and their medical services are reaching their limits.

Helping vulnerable patients

Children with cancer are the first group of patients to be transferred to other European countries, such as Italy, with their families.

“The Minister of Health of Europe has agreed to provide medical care to patients coming from Ukraine. Norway has a duty to support and will contribute to this effort. Our professional medical services provide these patients. We are well-equipped and waiting to deal with. I have convened a meeting of local health authorities to provide treatment to patients evacuated from Ukraine and ensure effective coordination of these efforts. Will be their job, “said Ingvild Kjerkol, Minister of Health and Medical Services.

Norway participated in a large European effort to map hospital capacity and identified 550 beds available at various medical institutions across the country.

Norway has also offered to assist the EU in airlifting patients to hospitals in Norway and other parts of Europe. Norway accepts Ukrainian refugees from Moldova to support medical evacuation

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