Norway expels Russian diplomats | Norwegian news in English —

The Norwegian government joined others throughout Europe on Wednesday to expel three Russian diplomats. Foreign Minister Aniken Whitfeld said he was acting “in a way that was inconsistent with his diplomatic status.”

Foreign Minister Aniken Whitfeld wanted to send Russia a “clear signal” that atrocities in Ukraine were completely unacceptable.Photo: Storting

This is widely used as a diplomatic term for suspected spies. However, the main reason for declaring the three diplomats “persona non grata” in Norway was the Norwegian government’s aversion to Russia’s increasingly brutal attacks in Ukraine.

“The timing of these expulsions is not a coincidence,” Whitfeld told the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) during a break from all NATO foreign ministers’ meetings held in Brussels on Wednesday. “They are all over the world Russian military attacks on civilians, especially in the city of Bucha on the outskirts of Kyiv.. “

More reports and horrifying photographs of death and destruction emerged from other Ukrainian cities after the Russian troops withdrew following their own great losses. Mr Whitfeld said the Norwegian ambassador to Russia was called to Oslo’s Foreign Ministry on Wednesday to receive a personal message about the expulsion.

“I want to give a clear signal,” Whitfeld told the NRK. Russia’s atrocities in Ukraine are unacceptable. It is now expected that the same number of Norwegian diplomats will be expelled from Russia, as is the usual practice in these situations. Berglund Norway expels Russian diplomats | Norwegian news in English —

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