Norway is preparing to celebrate May 17th without corona restrictions

After two years of corona restrictions, Norway is preparing to celebrate May 17th.

Most school children from grades 1 to 3 will be able to experience the parade for the first time.

“Now you can follow all the old traditions from the 175-year history of celebrating May 17th. Now, traditional celebrations like 2019 will take place in the early morning to evening program. “May,” Bergen’s May 17 committee leader, Liv Cecilie Lycke, told NTB.

Ukrainian flag

In Bergen and several other places, it has been a tradition for many years to allow flags other than the Norwegian flag. In Nordland, Mayor Lana Geir Waage (AP) has issued a clear invitation to residents of other countries to attend the celebration on May 17th.

“Ukrainian refugees who have just arrived in Lana have also been invited … there is also the opportunity to bring their flags. Together with the Norwegian flag, this reflects the colorful society we have become. Other flags and Opening the Sami flag, etc. was something we did at previous celebrations, “Waage told

Children’s parade

In Oslo, the setting for the most beautiful event of the spring will be set again. From 130 elementary schools, 60,000 students climb Karl Johan Street, pass Storting and head for the Royal Family waving on the castle balcony. Children’s parades usually attract about 100,000 spectators along the route ending at Rådhusplassen.

In Stavanger, the status of the city as an international city will be reflected in the celebration on May 17th. Deputy Mayor Dagny Sunnå Hausken emphasizes that everyone is welcome.

Source: © NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today / #NorwayTodayTravel

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