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A state committee set up to investigate how Norway responded to the Corona crisis confirmed that the Norwegian authorities were successful, but not enough. Their goal is to learn how the country prepares for the next pandemic.

A long and final report of the Corona Commission on how Norway has dealt with the Corona crisis was delivered on Tuesday with the aim of improving government readiness for the next pandemic. Photo: Statsministerens kontor / Kaja Schill Godager

Egil Massen, a professor at NTNU in Trondheim and a former vice-president of the Norges Bank and a leader of the committee, said on Tuesday when he submitted the committee’s final report, “The situation went well. “.After the Norwegian conservative-led government at the time Closed the country on March 12, 2020Most Norwegians followed all rules and recommendations, the majority were vaccinated, Norway had the second lowest mortality rate in Europe, and Iceland was the only one.

“The high level of trust Norwegians have in their leaders has led to people who support infection control measures and advanced immunization (more than 90 percent),” Matsen said. He also said that Norway has the least economic damage compared to most other countries. This is primarily due to the government’s compensation program and how Norway can immerse itself in the country’s huge sovereign wealth fund.

“But there is room for improvement.” Massen added. Despite long-standing warnings that a pandemic could occur, the Commission concluded that Norway was not well prepared. There was a lot of pressure on the intensive care unit of the hospital, and especially the intensive care nurses. Local medical services struggled to meet all the demands placed on them, and when the school had to be closed, children’s needs were not paid enough attention.

Professor and economist Egil Massen giving the conclusions of the Corona Commission at a press conference on Tuesday afternoon. Photo: Statsministerens kontor / Kaja Schill Godager

“The strength was that the government was involved, acted swiftly, and responded vigorously throughout the pandemic,” Massen said. At the same time, the Commission believes that the government has stalled in detail and sometimes acted in a hurry. It “challenge its ability” to distinguish between decisions that the government had to make legally and “should have been made at a lower level.”

Former Prime Minister Erna Solberg establishes a committee Only six weeks after the crisis begins, it aims to monitor and assess government responses and learn better ways to prepare for the future. Members of the committee included doctors, lawyers, medical professionals, local politicians, military and corporate representatives.

They submitted their first report a year later on April 14, 2021. Focused on the overall lack of preparation for a pandemic, but praised Norway’s resilience.. The second final report, submitted to the new Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre on Tuesday, focused on work towards hospital and intensive care capabilities, response at the local government level, vaccination acquisition and the start of vaccination programs. rice field. Both reports did not evaluate Stole’s response under the new Labor Center government, as they only covered Corona’s response until November last year. However, he has already announced that after November 1st, a new committee will evaluate all corona-related responses.

The Corona Commission’s report was delivered to Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre, despite covering the period when his predecessor Erna Solberg was leading the government. Photo: Statsministerens kontor / Kaja Schill Godager

Støre has already been indirectly criticized because the former Left-Center Union, where he served from 2005 to 2013, was unable to respond to urgent warnings in order to enhance intensive care capacity in Norway. .. Støre served as Minister of Health shortly before the government was defeated by Solberg in 2013. The Commission said the first warning about Norway’s lack of intensive care capacity came over 20 years ago.

Meanwhile, Mr. Solberg claims that he did not agree that the government was engaged in too many “detailed operations” and speeded up decision-making. Things continued to happen rapidly, she said, and her government had more power than was seen at the executive level of the government. She understands how children, adolescents and students were hit hard by the blockade, and many show the sequelae of isolation caused by Corona.

EU and Sweden came to rescue with vaccine
Solberg also acknowledged criticisms of the lack of intensive care ability and how attempts to assess it were stopped by a “political disagreement” with the complete definition of intensive care. However, she said that more focused care capabilities would not have reduced the need for all the rigorous and invasive corona containment measures implemented by her government.

Matsen also said that access to Norwegian vaccines and the ability to implement a well-implemented vaccination program are due to the goodwill of EU officials in Brussels and the support of Sweden. Since Norway is not a member state of the EU, it did not have the right to secure the vaccine allocations that the EU had swiftly secured through negotiations and purchases. However, Sweden is a member of the EU and shared vaccine supplies from the EU, which began to arrive in late 2020. Without such generous support from the EU and Sweden, the Norwegian government would have had to negotiate directly with vaccine producers in competition. Buy it with many other countries, and perhaps at a higher price.

Norway is now almost back to normal, even though the pandemic itself is not over globally. For example, China has returned to the blockade and strict measures two years ago, and infection rates remain high in various other countries around the world.In Norway, the Stole administration Learned to live with Corona, No limit. Omicron variants have created a new wave of infection, but have become seriously ill in Norway and few have returned to work or school within four days. Berglund Norway is studying Corona lessons | Norwegian News in English —

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