Norway’s Hurtigruten launches two new coastal voyages

From 2023, Hurtigruten will launch two new spins on its iconic coastal voyage. Here’s what you need to know about Svalbard Express and North Cape Express:

Next year marks the 130th anniversary of Hurtigruten’s first voyage on the now iconic Norwegian coastal voyage. To celebrate this opportunity, the company will return its itinerary to Svalbard, its last voyage in 1982, and launch a whole new route from Oslo.

Hurtigruten ship MST rollfjord in Bodø, Norway. Photo: Leif Skaue /
MS Troll Fjord operates “Svalbard Express” and “North Cape Express”. Photo: Leif Skaue /

Both routes call at some ports that feature traditional coastal voyages, but with the addition of some new ports. The MS Troll Fjord operates both the Svalbard itinerary in the summer and the itinerary from Oslo to the North Cape in the winter.

Sister brand Hurtigruten Expeditions operates cruises to the Svalbard Islands, but these voyages are operated by the company’s Norwegian-based coastal voyage division. This means that the cargo will be carried with the passengers. 100 new people will be hired.

If you’ve always wanted to tour the Norwegian coast, but the traditional Bergen-Kirkenes-Bergen route didn’t do it for you, perhaps one of these new voyages would be interesting. Here’s what you need to know about both of these exciting new routes:

Svalbard Express

One for fans of maritime heritage, historic Svalbard Express For the first time since 1982, I will return to the Norwegian waters. The route follows the Norwegian coastline and turns north from Bergen to the Northern Cape. Svalbard..

Beautiful svalbard landscapeBeautiful svalbard landscape

Unlike coastal voyages, vessels sail along the coast, so they spend more time in fewer ports. Some major ports such as Trondheim and Bodo are skipped, while other ports such as Andalsnes, Trena and Urke bring a fresh feel to the voyage.

But arguably the highlights for all travelers booking this voyage are the Arctic summer landscape, wildlife, and History of Svalbard..

In Svalbard Longyearbyen When Ny-Ålesund It involves a voyage to the barren Bear Island, an incredible wild bird habitat. The glaciers of Kongsfjord are another highlight.

A complete return trip will take 15 days, but I think a 10-day northbound trip will be a popular one-way option. Several voyages are possible between June 3rd and September 14th, 2023.

North Cape Express

Equally intriguing options are brand new North Cape Express.. On the way back from Oslo to Honningsvag, there are many new ports in Hurtigruten.

Summer Nordkapp (North Cape)Summer Nordkapp (North Cape)
Summer Nordkapp (North Cape)

For the first time, the coastal voyage of Hurtigruten departs from Oslo, the capital of Norway. Given that there are about 1.5 million people living near Oslo, this is a wise move from the company.

The new stop includes Kristiansand, LindesnesFarsund Haugesund The ship travels around the southern coastline to Bergen, from which the harbor becomes more familiar.

The call to Lindesnes means that this voyage will include the southernmost and northernmost parts of Norway. Other notable ports include the return to the historic Hurtigruten port of Rodingen for the first time in decades and Alta in northern Norway.

At Honningsvag’s Turnaround Point, visitors can explore Arctic villages all day long, with ample time for an optional excursion. North Cape, Battle of the North Cape..

Hurtigruten ship at the dock in Honningsvåg, northern NorwayHurtigruten ship at the dock in Honningsvåg, northern Norway
Honningsvag will be the turnaround point for the North Cape Express.

A complete return voyage from Oslo to North Cape will take 15 days. This voyage balances the north and south sections, but it seems that only round-trip tickets are currently available. Several voyages are possible between September 25, 2023 and March 23, 2024.

Riding the MS Troll Fjord

Due to competition on coastal voyages, Hurtigruten is now increasing the number of vessels available on other routes. The MS Troll Fjord Operate two new routes.

Named after Dramatic fjords in northern NorwayThe ship is currently undergoing refurbishment prior to its debut in 2023 on a new route. The company describes her new look as “a homage to both Norwegian nature and the 130-year heritage of sailing the Norwegian coast.”

Meals on board follow the same concept of “coastal kitchen” as the traditional Bergen-Kirkenes-Bergen coastal voyage. This means fresh produce, including healthy quantities of fish and seafood, sourced from ports along the route.

As of this writing, the MS Troll Fjord has a total passenger capacity of 822 and can sail at 15 knots. Norway’s Hurtigruten launches two new coastal voyages

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