Norwegian Bergen Line train departures may be cut

Train driver Vy has announced plans to reduce the number of daily train departures from Norway’s world-famous Oslo to Bergen.

It is certainly Norway’s most famous rail travel and one of the most famous throughout Europe. The Bergen Line, which is popular with tourists, also plays an important role for locals traveling between Norway’s two largest cities.

But now the train driver Vy, Bergen Line Railway From 6 to 4. Environmentalists and regular users of the line are among the unfortunate.

One of the most famous railway lines in Europe

The Bergen Line railway is an important part of Norway’s transportation infrastructure.A popular way for people who don’t like to fly to Move between Oslo and BergenIn recent years, railroads have also become a major tourist attraction.

The Bergen Line, often referred to as one of the most beautiful rail journeys in the world, Hardanger Plateau Mountain Plateau Travel between the two largest cities in Norway.

This route competes with one of Europe’s busiest air routes. There are about 18 flights a day between Oslo and Bergen.

Bergen railway in winter

Although the number of passengers on trains outside the tourist season is relatively small, tourists use this route all year round.

You can reduce departures twice a day

Despite the fame of the route, Vy now wants to reduce the number of daily departures from 6 to 4. Their justification is that during the pandemic, train passengers’ travel habits changed and their passenger bases were no longer the same.

Åge-Christoffer Lundeby, Vy’s Communications Manager, said: To NRK..

Vy increased the number of departures when it took over the route in 2019 following Norway’s comprehensive rail reforms.

View of the snowy mountains from the train from Oslo to Bergen
View from the Bergen Line train.

The fewer trains, the more people will fly

The fewer trains you choose, the more people may choose to fly. This is a verdict of environmentalists seeking investment rather than reductions in Norwegian trains.

Holger Schlaupitz of Friends of the Earth Norway Norwegian train trip This is the opposite of what we need. “We need to reduce air traffic to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.”

According to Schlaupitz, despite the recent travel turmoil, there are many travelers at both Oslo and Bergen airports. In 2021, just under 2 million people flew between the two cities.

Schlaupitz shows that this needs to reduce train departures. “In fact, it’s time for Vy to invest and try to get passengers on the train on their way back to the plane.”

Bergen station.

Vy’s Lundeby said it’s more environmentally friendly to carry out a few departures with more passengers.

The final decision has not been made yet

However, Vy can get lost. The number of departures will be negotiated between Vy and the Norwegian Railroad Bureau later this year.

That said, the Norwegian Railroad Bureau is likely to agree with Vy based on comments from its Director of Communications to NRK. The final decision must be made by September. Norwegian Bergen Line train departures may be cut

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