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With opportunities for culture, renewable energy, maritime sector, green transport and inland waterways, a delegation of five people from Norway, including Indian Ambassador Hans Jacob Freidenland, for the sixth edition of the Bengal Global Business Summit. Gathered in Bengal.

“To be all over India, you need to be in West Bengal … We’re here to get an impression of what we can do here,” Ambassador Freidenland said for his first time. I told the media about my visit to the city.

As part of a plan to explore opportunities in Bengal, Team Norway will attend the BGBS and hold meetings with senior fisheries, electricity and industry officials beside the Business Summit. It has mutually beneficial results.

Recognizing that fish are particularly favored in the region, the envoy paid attention to explain how the study helped Norway benefit from aquaculture. Advances in this area have led Norway to export $ 13.7 billion worth of 3.1 million tonnes of marine products, achieving the highest ever marine products trade volume and value in 2021.

“We can share our expertise in aquaculture,” said an envoy from Norway, the world’s largest salmon exporter, before adding that he loves Hirsa.

The Norwegian and Bengal Association dates back to 1755 when the trading post was established in Serampore, Hooghly. This is still a visible heritage through a church built to commemorate St. Olav of the Norwegian people. About a century later, in 1845 the country’s first consulate was founded in Calcutta.

Despite its long relationship with the region, it is based in Bengal, out of more than 120 Norwegian companies operating in India, including DNB, Aker Solutions, Kongsberg, Jotun, Statkraft Norfund Power, Det Norske Veritas and Elkem. Only 5 to 6 companies have.

“Compared to Maharashtra, Gujarat and Goa, there are a relatively small number of companies here … there is a clear imbalance,” said the Norwegian envoy. He quickly added that the location decision was based on purely economic considerations.

The future of Bengal-Norway relations depends on many factors, but the establishment of Norway is bullish on expanding relations with India. Therefore, we launched a new “India Strategy” in 2018 by setting clear priorities for the Norwegian government. 2030.

According to Frydenlund, the “India Strategy” outlines the priorities of five themes: democracy and rule-based world order, oceans, energy, climate and environment, research, higher education and global health.

“India and Norway enjoy a strong and long-standing relationship in business. The Norwegian Pension Fund Global could be one of India’s largest single foreign investors with a $ 17 billion investment. There is … The Norwegian Investment Fund or the Norwegian Government Pension Fund has invested $ 100 million in rooftop solar in India.

“Although the $ 2 billion bilateral trade may not seem that big, there are more than 120 Norwegian companies here. Indians are now the largest labor immigrant in Norway outside the EU. Remember that we are a group, “added the envoy.

In the conversation, Frydenlund explained that his country focuses on green, clean and renewable energy. Therefore, the embassy is focused on hydrogen.

“Thanks to India’s decision to prioritize hydrogen to provide clean energy. To facilitate this, Norwegian companies Greenstat and Indian Oil have set up a center for hydrogen excellence. He explained, adding that India’s role in the fight against climate change is of great importance to the whole world. Norwegian Investment Reception Trip to Bengal – Norwegian News – Latest News, Latest News, Comments – Norwegian News

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