Norwegian National Foundation Day: What to expect on May 17th this year

The Constitution Memorial Day celebration will return to the Norwegian city for the first time in three years. This is what to expect on the big day of 2022.

For the past two years, the May 17th celebration has been somewhat modest throughout Norway. With all the daily restrictions gone, this year’s party could be bigger and better than ever.

May 17 Parade in Oslo, Norway. Photo: Nanisimova /

Norwegians meet a large number of people on May 17 to celebrate the anniversary of the Constitution.Important moment of Norwegian historyThe Constitution was inspired by the Declaration of Independence of the United States and the French Revolution, and the subsequent Constitution.

In this article, we’ll look at what’s planned for the big cities in 2022. But first, a more general introduction of the day.

Constitution Memorial Day Celebration

Each town or village has its own celebration, but in most cases the days will continue in a familiar format wherever you are.

In the morning, Norwegians often have a luxurious breakfast with friends and family and drink a glass of champagne. It’s not uncommon to see a group of people having fun on the balcony at 8am!

Syttende mai kake
Stay close to the colors of the Norwegian flag on Constitution Day.

The first formal event of the day tends to be a children’s parade (barnetog), Featuring a local school marching band and waving children.

This is usually followed by a parade (folk etog) of people featuring local workplaces, groups and societies.As Many Norwegians volunteerSome people find it difficult to choose who to march on!

The last march of the day is a high school graduate (russetog), who often exacerbates wear like them. 1 month Russefeiring It will be the end. Sometimes the march is combined into one or two.


I tend to look to the capital in the morning. NRK covers events across the country, but Oslo once focuses Royal family Come out to wave at the children’s parade before lunch time.

Constitution Day parade in Oslo, Norway. Photo: Norwegian girl /
Constitution Day parade in Oslo, Norway. Photo: Norwegian girl /

The day begins with a wreath dedicated to various cemeteries and statues throughout the city. Charles XIV John is a place for children’s parades. Akershus Fortress..

You can watch the parade for free, but you need to go early to get a better view. You need a ticket to get to the best spots near the palace. These are free, but must be booked in advance.

These are the major events in the capital, but small events take place throughout the city.Various Oslo district Like other groups and individual restaurants, all have specific events. For more information, check out the following dedicated web page: Oslocomne..


Norway’s second-largest city hosts a joint parade from Bergenschs to Festprassen in the morning with major celebrations throughout the day.

In addition, Bergen will host an early morning parade at 7am and a Torchlight parade at 10:15 pm to host the bookend of the day.

May 17th Parade in Bergen. Photo: Marius Dobilas /
May 17th Parade in Bergen. Photo: Marius Dobilas /

In 2020, Bergen introduced a boat parade to commemorate the day within the regulations of the time. This was the success of the event, which now seems to be a permanent feature of the day! This year’s boat parade around the Bifjord begins at 10:30 am.

For more information on events in Bergen, check out the city’s exclusive May 17th Website..


I’ve been living in Trondheim since 2013 and have seen the fair share on May 17th! In Trondheim, a parade of children (9.45am), people (1pm), and russ (4pm) is a separate event that takes place throughout the day.

Passengers Hurtigruten ship Docking to Trondheim in the morning also gives you the opportunity to participate in the fun. From 8:50 am, they have the opportunity to participate in their small parade throughout the city before returning to the ship.

Colorful syttendemai parade in Trondheim, Norway
People’s parade to be held in Trondheim on May 17th.

For a better idea of What to expect in TrondheimLook at this May 17th Live Blog Published in 2019. Includes over 12 hours of fun and game photos and videos.


Domkirkeplassen is the center of celebration in Stavanger. At 10 am, a children’s parade will take place along the Storhaug route, and a 4 pm people’s parade will pass through the western part of the town.

The exact details have not yet been confirmed at the time of writing. For more information, please visit our May 17th web page. Stavanger Comne..

Other parts of Norway

The event will be held throughout Norway on much the same basis as the previous year.Some cities like Tromso We are still announcing their plans.

What do you do to celebrate May 17th in Norway this year? Norwegian National Foundation Day: What to expect on May 17th this year

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