Norwegian “russ”

News Analysis: As if the Russians weren’t enough to worry: This spring, fear and disgust are rising over high school students known as Norwegian graduates. russ (Roughly pronounced “loose”). Teachers, medical professionals, police and many others have warned that this year’s last season could be the most decadent to date, especially as all final exams have been cancelled. ..

The Norwegian hard party “Russ” season is characterized by graduating from high school in red or blue overalls and abandoning the party. Photo:

“Young people told us about an episode where things were completely out of control,” Anita Hondostad Holtan, a nurse at a school in Ringerike, a suburb of Oslo, told the newspaper. Aftenposten As russ‘Excessive parties were about to begin early this spring. “It could be about substance or alcohol abuse, sexual assault, or being excluded from what friends think is a fun event.”

The issue of exclusion rose this year along with the amount of money many graduates spend in the meantime russ Season. Buses used to ride during parties are often equipped with expensive sound systems and luxurious interiors, costing well over a million. Cloner.. Ticket prices for various gatherings ( russetreff) Soared, and now not uncommon russ Take off to the Greek islands and other parts of Southern Europe and have parties abroad. Dissatisfaction with Russ has been swirling for years, But now they are rising. The russ The season has become too commercial and is said to be a big business for companies that offer special clothing or organize major events and trips.

Pressure from extreme peers
Not only can you exceed your budget russ From a non-wealthy family, but said to be the “coolest” russ In most cases, “not very cool” classmates are excluded from participation. Friendship is shattered and many teens feel hurt and lonely. Many of the participants are feeling pressure to use drugs or dare to go against all social boundaries.

“I’ve heard that almost everyone in some groups now uses cocaine,” Holtan said. “I think I have little understanding of how addictive it is and how it affects relationships with others. They become aggressive and all You may lose impulse control. “

Russ The season is getting longer, and three years before graduation, several groups have been formed and have already begun to exclude other groups along the way.There is a growing demand for schools themselves to be more involved in regulation. russ Season.Until now, schools have not been formally involved in organizing. russ Events, probably many russ Celebrating the end of compulsory education in Norway, I’m tired of school norms and even school work.

Educational issues are at the forefront this year, After state authorities withdraw all final exams. They believed that corona containment measures would make it difficult for all schools to pass the standard educational curriculum for the past two years, and graduates would be more prepared for the exam. However, the lack of exams to study further reduced my motivation in the classroom this year.

Russ, Oslo, poses at a local monument. Photo:øst

“Why do students need to learn seriously when authorities don’t?” Commentator Therese Solien said. Aftenposten soon.She naturally predicted her high absenteeism russ The season (usually starting in March or April) has advanced.Since then russ You do not need to study for the exam, which usually takes place shortly after May 17th. They can just continue the party.

The Norwegian last season is extreme, even in Scandinavian language. There is no “hat and gown” ritual like in the United States. Sorien pointed out that Denmark has a celebration to celebrate the end of high school. (Videregåen deskole) Driving to family and friends’ homes for drinks and treats is limited to one night only. In Sweden, high school graduates spend a day or two celebrating with a traditional white hat on their head. The tendency of Norwegians to have parties for weeks remains unique.

“Why doesn’t someone do anything about this?” 18-year-old Elizabeth Heckneby writes in a youth and youth commentary.She always admits what she thought russ It was exciting and I was looking forward to one day making a fuss about myself. Heckneby, who is politically involved and heads the Oslo branch of the Conservative youth group, wants to continue the tradition, but “gets better” by postponing the celebration until the end of the school year.

“If you’re running a marathon, you won’t stop 100 meters from the finish line for a break,” she said.As russ, She thinks “we take a lot of risk” by having a party before the end of the teaching. There were times when the party came after the exam, but things were switched decades ago with wasted effort to weaken the party.

“Politicians need to get the school on the right track,” writes Helle Christin Nyhuus, leader of the teachers’ organization. Norsk Lektorlag, In yet another recent commentary.She claims that teachers have warned for years that learning will stop as soon as senior high school wears red or blue. russ Overalls.whole russ She believes that the season “steals a huge amount of time and resources” from school, which is expensive for those trying to socialize with the “crowd”, collecting enough money to do so and risking losing friends. I am affected.

Parents are also being asked to pay attention What their descendants are doing during Russ, and how they behave. Many parents claim they didn’t know how devastating the party was, and probably didn’t want to know.

The season will reach its climax on May 17th. It’s unclear if the two years of socialization canceled during Corona will cause a wilder party, or if many teens are used to staying at home and will not be so wild in the end.

Willy Pedersen, a sociologist who is a professor at the University of Oslo, russ Seasons reveal tensions in society as a whole. He said the Norwegian tradition began in 1813 and enrolled as a student in a new university when some young men from the Oslo elite family were called Christiania, founded by the dominant Danes. I am saying. Their young man drunk and wandered the streets to celebrate. This has been a ritual associated with European universities since the Middle Ages. cornuadepositurus..words russ Derived from the last syllable, it symbolizes how boys had to strip their corners before entering academia.

The elite tradition is alive
The ritual changed character at the end of the 1800s and instead showed how college preparations were done. Most elites were still able to prepare for college and go on to college, but now the majority do, and most of them are worth abandoning and partying after 13 years of schooling. I feel there is.

But still an elite, alcohol, drugs, and especially russ‘You can create a bus. According to Pedersen, children in wealthy families are still experiencing the “most intense” last season.There are some changes, but there are some “urban cools” russ Oslo currently chooses to sew his overalls and more russ Dress up and take the subway instead of the noisy and flashy bus to host the party in a large area where most people can attend.

Pedersen also said, “russ The “bus phenomenon” is much more prevalent in southern Norway than in northern Norway, and is much more common in Oslo in the wealthier western and suburban Baerum than in the eastern part of the working class.Received the throbbing music from russ In the meantime, I’m almost looking forward to driving the bus until it’s all over. Berglund Norwegian “russ”

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