Not just Bulgarian: why half of the world prefers

Almost half Bulgarian Russia (EU average about 10%), and over 25% Even approve PutinAccording to some research, the war, the latest is from the Eurobarometer. However, this is clearly not a unique phenomenon.The west is certainly PutinBut in other parts of the world, things are quite different. Lea Frehse and Xifan Yang wrote in an extensive article on the German media “Die Zeit”. “”The western world is always looking at China, not paying attention to countries located between the geopolitical poles.The author insists, recalling that we are talking about two-thirds of the world’s population. This article contains some important facts.

“”India, which will replace China as the most populous country in the world in a few years, imports nearly 20 times more oil and gas. Russia From before the war.Invited by Indonesia, the world’s third-largest democracy Putin To the G20 Summit in November. At the UN General Assembly in March, Brazil, Israel, Turkey, South Africa participated in condemning Russia’s attack, but did not participate in sanctions against Moscow.Supported by the military government of the Sudanese-controlled army Putin The democratic movement is in solidarity with Ukraine. The Indonesian government is aiming for the middle class, and the majority of the population is sympathetic to Vladimirputin.Sometimes the current global debate South You can even show satisfaction with the war in Europe. After decades of fueling and interfering with conflicts in other parts of the world, let the West see what war in the country now means... “

Colonial heritage

Therefore, the author reaches the first of five motives that dominate the global debate over the war in Ukraine. They recall that then-Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan expressed a statement shared by many of his former colonial colleagues in response to a Western call to condemn Russia’s aggression.What do you think will happen-he was indignant. – Are we not your slaves doing whatever you want from us?“. Later in this article, I read:

“”By instigating anger towards the West, populists like Khan are profiling themselves in front of their own people. But protesting Western actions is not just a means of fighting for power. The emotions behind it are really widespread.It’s about suspicion Ukraine The West is defending its hegemony, not the freedom of a sovereign state in the first place. In recent years, in Washington and Berlin, there has been much talk about the decline of Western power. But in many parts of the world, Western domination remains very realistic.

The author is in many of the former Western colonies, Russia Benefit from the Soviet Union’s reputation as an ally in the fight against imperialism and colonialism. In this regard, many African governments RussiaThe war is now a colonial era. It is a pure sample of double-entry bookkeeping, otherwise it is often criticized in the West. This is the second motivation for Putin.

Rebellion against the double standard

“”Russia It violates international law. Putin Wanting Kyiv’s regime change, he Ukraine exist. Ukrainians are heroic defenders of their country.This is the way Western rulers present things“Lee Frese and Sifan Yang wrote. And they remember that many people outside the West are asking legitimate questions.Who invaded Iraq in 2003 and violated international law? If Ukrainians don’t want to give up their country, why should Palestinians give up their country? In other words, they blame the West for measuring it on a dual basis, especially in terms of civilian suffering.“”

At the same time, some of the most intense critics of the Western double standard are not perfectly consistent, we read in Die Zeit. The authors sharply criticize Western actions in Iraq, Afghanistan, or Yemen, but cite the example of the Arab left, who is silent about Russia’s war crimes in Syria. Or they are mercilessly intertwined with anti-American conspiracy theories.

War costs

“”This is the third motivation for those who show an understanding of Putin.Europe has a war Ukraine Being “closer” to us than the war in distant Africa means that we are more aware of the suffering of the Ukrainian family because of their geographical proximity. Russia Although openly threatening Europe with nuclear weapons, the serious consequences of the Ukrainian war have hit Africans more than Western Europeans. Rising wheat prices in Ghana have led to famine, and Nigeria’s fuel prices are discussing the suspension of all domestic flights. Against the backdrop of spending over the Ukrainian War, many of the world’s poorest and most politically unstable countries are at risk of economic collapse.“”

The authors say that these countries often do not blame the West, PutinTo block grain exports from Ukraine, Because of the sanctions he imposed. They also recall and give examples of the general claim that it was the West that led these countries to a particular form of dependence.

“”The refusal of Western agricultural concerns to lift patent restrictions on crops has led many African countries to import almost all grains from. Russia When UkraineAmong these countries is Egypt. Until recently, it was one of the largest producers of wheat and was increasingly forced to focus on cotton production. Brazil, the world’s largest exporter of soybeans, relies heavily on Russian fertilizers. Rising prices and peasant anger could prevent Bolsonaro’s reelection in October. No wonder he said: “For us, the problem of fertilizer in Russia is sacred and we remain neutral.” June 28, with Bolsonaro Putin Talks on strengthening strategic partnerships focusing on Russian fertilizers.. “

Who needs Russia

The penultimate argument of PutinInternational supporters of are most directly embodied by Israel. A close partner between the United States and Europe, the country is refraining from criticizing the Kremlin, the author writes, Russian troops are still in Syria and Israeli troops launch aircraft against professionals. Must be coordinated with them when deciding. A group of Iran in Syrian territory. This article cites Israeli Foreign Minister Rapid in meaningful text.Our border with Syria is effectively the border with Russia.“”

The author claims that it is used by many countries other than the West. Russia As a counterweight for the United States in international politics. For example, America’s longtime allies Egypt and Saudi Arabia have been under political pressure from the West over human rights abuses since the Arab Spring, the authors write. Russia We are also building a nuclear power plant in Russia.

India has long been a customer of Russia’s arms industry, benefiting from the lower oil prices that Moscow has given to Delhi since the beginning of the war.Neutral India aims to stop RussiaTransition of rivals to the Chinese camp.

What does world order mean here?

At the end of the article, Lea Frehse and Xifan Yang point out that many countries around the world are dissatisfied with the current world order. “”In the West, it is often said that the world has turned to a new block conflict.Democracy defends the international order of “rules and norms”, authoritarian camps Russia And China is trying to destroy and replace that order. But even in democracies like India and Indonesia, leading politicians and intellectuals have raised fundamental questions about “the international order based on rules and norms.” First, these rules were created by the Western victors during World War II, and in many ways to the disadvantages of developing countries.And second, at the latest in the Iraq War, the West broke its own rules... “

The author is “Global South“We have long advocated reforms of the international system, and countries such as India and Brazil have in vain insisted that they become permanent members of the UN Security Council. The global financial system is also under Western control. There are senior positions in the World Bank and International. The Monetary Fund is still held by US and European officials. At the end of their article, the author scrutinizes these “New World Order” calls and follows: It is written like this.But does the new world order, including previously unfair countries, really lead to global solidarity? Isn’t it simply clear that the dictators have expanded their influence?“”

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