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Notable Death of Kuwait in 2021

Abdul Aziz Ardusari, founder of Kuwait Credit Bank.

The following is a report on a celebrity who died in Kuwait in 2021.

January 10: Writer, researcher and historian Karido al-Ansari died at the age of 81. He was one of the pioneers of Kuwait’s literature and history.

January 24: Former Arabi SC and Kuwait national team Mohammad Arcative die at the age of 77.

February 11: Saad Al-Nahedh, a former chairman of the Kuwait Chamber of Commerce and a founding member of the Kuwait Red Crescent Society, died at the age of 96.

February 20: Former MP Basel Al Rushed died at the age of 54.

February 25: Actor Meshari Al Balaam died at the age of 48.

February 26: Famous car racer Sarah Al Aidan dies at the age of 51.

March 12: COVID-19 kills Khaled Al-Deyain, Assistant Secretary of the Interior.

April 13: Former Kazuma Club and Kuwait national team player Jamal Jacob died at the age of 62.

April 26: Writer and poet Abdul Razak al Adsani died at the age of 85.

May 21: Major Abdulaziz Saud Aldawas, an officer of the Salmiya Fire Department, died after evacuating a burning house.

June 10: Sheikhman Sur Al Ahmad Al Javert Al Saba died at the age of 79.

June 12: Kuwaiti cartoonist Abdulsalam Maqboul died at the age of 68.

July 1: Leading philanthropist Muneera Khaled Al-Mutawwa has died.

July 5: The poet Saddam Hussein Alsabti has passed away.

July 22: Former Al-Arabi SC and Kuwait national football player and referee Java Doasher have passed away.

July 31: Actress Intisar Al-Sharrah died at the age of 59.

August 2: Former Deputy Secretary of Information Mubarak Al-Adwani has passed away.

August 4: Latifa Al-Barrak, a female teacher in Kuwait, has passed away.

August 23: Sheikha Badriya Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah died.

August 25: Sheikh Ali Fahad Al-Salem Al-Sabah died at the age of 73.

September 5: Professor and diplomat Dr. Shafiq Al-Ghabra died at the age of 68.

September 18: Former Petroleum Minister Abdul Muttareb Arkademi died at the age of 85.

September 22: Composer Mohammad Al-Ruwaished died at the age of 65.

October 8: Faisal Al Hajj Bu Cador, a former ambassador and minister’s adviser to Prime Minister Diwan, died at the age of 74.

October 14: Historian and writer Saif Marzouk al-Shamran, who contributed to the historical record of Kuwait, died at the age of 94.

October 14: Film director Khaled Al-Siddeeq died at the age of 74.

November 10: Former NCCAL Deputy Secretary General Mohammad Al-Asousi has passed away.

November 17: Former Al-Arabi SC player Maruzokusaid, a player of the national soccer team, has passed away.

November 29: Abdulaziz Al-Dousari, the founder of Kuwait Credit Bank, has passed away.

December 11: Modern Kuwaiti poet Sheikh Duaij Khalifa Al-Sabah died at the age of fifty.

December 20: Former Kuwait national team member and Jafra SC Saad Waled soccer player has died. — Kuna

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