Note: These properties will soon be unavailable for sale in Hungary!

Rising overhead costs are beginning to change the real estate market. More and more people are selling properties with high utility bills, but it is questionable whether there will be buyers in the future.

No big changes yet, but changes are already seen and felt

In the short term, the new overhead rules have yet to make a difference to the real estate market, which is expected to change in the coming months. writes azenpenzem.huThe November and December bills are expected to show how much savings have been made or how much maintenance costs may increase.

“Traditionally, most people decide on possible housing changes around the end of the year at Christmas time, but this will only be felt in the 2023 housing market,” he said.

At the same time, many are thinking about selling their large family homes, and the changes have already begun. Zoltán Gadanecz, founder and owner of the GDN Real Estate Network, said more and more desperate clients are coming to his real estate office to calculate the new energy and gas price regulation.

Sustainability is the future

Gadanecz reports that there have been cases where prospective buyers have moved away from higher value homes because the rent was so high that it was worth breaking the contract even if the down payment was gone, Gadanecz reports. is.

According to Gadanecz, everyone will look for something unique, low consumption, and likely to be economical to maintain in the long term. Heat pumps and electric solutions are common solutions, even with the addition of solar panels.

Balla Real Estate expert Csaba Nagy said rising overhead costs are completely reshaping the rental market, which dislikes large properties with outdated heating systems. For the types of properties affected by rent increases, landlords will either be forced to significantly reduce rents or lose tenants.

For the time being, more landlords appear to be trying to avoid the risk of rising overheads, as evidenced by the fact that the percentage of people requesting a 3-month security deposit for rental properties was not as high as it was two years ago. , according to an analysis of July data from

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sauce:, Note: These properties will soon be unavailable for sale in Hungary!

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