Note!These are the most common tourist traps and money scams in Hungary

As a foreign tourist, you should always pay special attention to managing your finances wisely. Otherwise, you can easily be trapped and have to pay a high price for “heartfelt” hospitality. Check out what you need to be aware of as a foreigner in Hungary!

With the deregulation, the tourism industry is booming again in Hungary. Still, it’s important to be aware of how and how much you spend on all services.

I’d like a receipt!

Whether you’re trying out the fascinating Hungarian flavors at a local restaurant or stopping by for a few drinks at a local pub,

Always check the price on the menu and compare it to the price on the invoice.

Visitors unfamiliar with the Hungarian forint can easily be victims of fraud. Such cases have become more frequent in recent years. A few years ago, a Japanese guest was charged € 460 for two short drinks and two champagnes in Budapest. The tourist didn’t have enough cash with him, so he accompanied him to the ATM to withdraw the missing amount. Korean tourists had a similar experience in Budapest. He was charged € 1,680 for a few drinks.

Morning phone at the hotel

Most hotels have a landline at the bedside table. Today, few people provide a phone number for this device because they prefer to use their cell phone instead. Therefore, it is reasonable to assume that only the hotel staff knows the number.

As a news portal in Hungary Femina According to reports, fraudsters often use this as a basis to call hotel guests and obtain credit card details. Fraud usually takes place at dawn. The sleepy guest instinctively gives details to the scammer disguised as a receptionist. After the call, the victim goes to sleep without any doubt. By the time he woke up, his savings may have disappeared without a trace.

It’s very important not to give anyone your credit card details

Unless requested through the official booking system.

We recommend that you set a withdrawal limit as you may lose your card or you may not be able to block it immediately from abroad.

Taxi tricks

When visiting the capital of Hungary It is worth paying attention to how much you pay at the end of the taxi. Some taxi drivers may try to strip tourists and force passengers to charge unrealistically high prices. Despite frequent checks, this is a common tourist trap. Therefore, it is advisable to get information about taxi fares and monitor taximeters while traveling.


Like other cities, Budapest has its dangerous areas. therefore,

Always keep your pockets and bags closed as you roam the city, and don’t leave your values ​​unattended.

Payment by credit card

Even if you pay by credit card, it’s worth paying attention to the details. When buying or booking online, always make sure the other person is legal and trustworthy. For suspicious email addresses or unsecured URLs, do not give your credit card details or click on unknown links. When paying with a credit card at an offline store, make sure that the amount the seller enters on your device is the same as the price of the item or souvenir you are buying and that the amount deducted is in the correct currency. In some cases, overcharging may not be intentional, but it can happen by accident. Earlier I reported on the financial nightmare of a British couple who accidentally paid € 60,000 over the weekend in the Hungarian capital. The incident occurred in September 2019 after an employee of a hotel in Budapest mistakenly charged the amount in euros instead of Hungarian forint.

Euroban card
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