NSi Presidential Candidate Submits Bid

Ljubljana – Janez Cigler Kralj, deputy group head of the opposition party New Slovenia (NSi), formally submitted a bid for the presidential election on Tuesday. With the support of the NSi and its members of parliament, he hopes to advance to the second round. He advocates for the marginalized as well as hard workers and entrepreneurs.

When he applied to run for the National Electoral Commission, he said that during the election period and if elected, he would be “a creative, entrepreneurial person with the ability to be respected and valued again” and for work. said he would make an effort to It offers a decent life to be valued again.

He also plans to strive for all those who have been forgotten and marginalized in the last 30 years. His major priority is also efforts to strengthen peace and security, including through modernization and investment in the Slovenian Armed Forces.

Cigler Kralj also pointed to efforts at European and global levels to strengthen and integrate all defense forces in a changing world, which he believes requires joint action for peace and security.

When asked what election results he expected, the former minister for labor, family, social affairs and equal opportunities said his team was going “one step at a time”. The goal is to advance to the second round,” he said.

NSi president Matej Tonin said Sigler Kurari’s candidacy has increased the chances of a second round, especially for right-leaning candidates. He believes right-leaning voters will eventually win the candidate, and then a large number of voters will run for election. Thus the party has done a lot for democracy and Slovenia finally got a right-leaning president, he said. NSi Presidential Candidate Submits Bid

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