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NU-Q marks the 10-year success of graduates

Northwestern University (NU-Q) in Qatar, which graduated from first class in 2012, is celebrating its 10th anniversary.

NU-Q has graduated from more than 500 graduates working in media, journalism, government, business and higher education since it was founded in partnership with the Qatar Foundation in 2008.
“Northwestern University has opened its doors to Qatar with the mission of training the next generation of media and communications professionals in the region. After a decade of journey, our success is only in media and communications. It’s embodied in graduates who are leaders, but business, government, and higher education, “says Marwan MKraidy, Dean and CEO of NU-Q. “I am very proud of the graduates who have been able to make a difference wherever they are by contributing to the production of knowledge and creating stories of events, people and brands.”
A website focused on alumni has been launched to record the achievements of alumni. Common emotions that graduates express in retrospect of the NU-Q experience include a variety of thoughts, a critical perspective, and an unforgettable experience. With the majority of graduates hired and nearly one-third pursuing higher education, graduates also shared the impact of NU-Q on their professional and personal lives.
“The people I met at NU-Q made all the differences in my life. They pushed me, yes, they challenged me — but most importantly, they were me. Believed and made me believe, “said Dana Atrach ’13, now an assistant professor at NU-Q. Along the heritage, Atrac is now encouraging students to achieve greatness. I want them to continue their quest until they find something that makes them happy. I want them to be relieved of the pressure and expectations they are putting on them, find their own voice, and move at their own pace, “she added.
Zena Tahhan ’15, reflecting the impact of NU-Q on her personal and professional life, states: My professor broadened my horizons, deepened my analysis of complex social and political issues, and encouraged me to believe in myself. They have consistently supported me with the expertise, tools, and resources to do so. “The foundations I gained at Northwestern University in Qatar were not only my work, but also the reference point in my life,” added Tahan, a human rights researcher in Jerusalem.
In emphasizing the important role that graduates play as part of the NU-Q community, Alex Schultes, Student Experience Assistant Dean, said: Throughout the year, we look forward to reconnecting with our alumni and expanding their career network through new virtual initiatives such as updated online alumni directories and private LinkedIn alumni groups. ”

http://www.gulf-times.com/story/707573/NU-Q-marks-10-years-of-alumni-success NU-Q marks the 10-year success of graduates

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