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O & G Saturated Submarines Complete Transatlantic Rows

A group of four saturated divers from the UK recently rowed across the Atlantic to tackle lifelong challenges while raising funds for a local cancer charity.

Chris Ayers, Ruisrock, James Piper and Andito have all been hired by the Helix Energy Solutions Group as deep-sea saturated divers to participate in the 2021 Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge. Raise funds for the Wessex Cancer Trust in Antigua, the Caribbean, Canary Islands.

A team named The Bubbleheads said the first idea to challenge came in 2018 when three men witnessed the arrival of a winning boat on a trip to Antigua.

“Three friends who stood by the coast agreed that it was a rewarding challenge, but of course hesitated. This was when they were already spending a lot of time at work. It’s a challenge to get away from friends and family again, “Bubbleheads wrote on their website.

“When team member James told the crew that he wanted to find a way to raise money for the Wessex Cancer Trust, an important decision-making moment came. The charity was as Nikki, his deceased wife. Has provided endless support to him and his family over the last six years. He fought with courage against rare forms of cancer. Nikki sadly died on March 28, 2020. “

On December 14, Bubbleheads began sailing on the 25-foot Rannoch R45 as one of the 35 teams attempting a difficult crossing.

They reached the finish line at 21:04 local time on January 18, and rowed the Atlantic Ocean at 12 hours and 45 minutes on 37 days.

According to The Bubbleheads Facebook page, the team raised £ 23,000 for charities including Wessex Cancer Trust and Royal British Legion.

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