Ode to Luxembourg (post-pandemic version)

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Where is City Sound or Judas Priest on the eve of National Foundation Day?

Photo provider: Photo: Marc Wilwert

Luxembourg, I overcame the worst pandemic with you, and we will soon be celebrating our 9th anniversary together. I never dreamed that we would last this long, but you have lived the sparks very comfortably.

In fact, after the restrictions were relaxed, I fell into overdrive.literally Hundreds of festivals And this summer’s event. It’s hard to decide what to do. Should I go to Judas Priest in Rockhall or tonight at City Sound?

I’m exhausted from your enthusiasm for life. But I love celebrating everything with Clement, beer, bratwurst and brass bands. Mark everything from religious, pagan, national, field cows to chickens crossing the road.

The pandemic has brought you firmly to the 21st century.I Online tax returnsIf you have a smart meter, you don’t have to post immediately CNS claim Also. I miss the stamped and signed residence certificate. The new certificate is much easier to understand, but it still carefully prints hundreds of small leaflets to fill an empty mailbox.

I have grown very much with you.Literally to induce coronary arteries and thicken the waistline. cooking.. I don’t seem to get enough patisserie full of fried potato cakes, cream and bacon dumplings, and cream pats.

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The road is marked by all the other trees so you won’t get lost in the Luxembourg forest

Photo: Laurent Jacquemart

Maybe that’s because one day I know I’ll walk or cycle hundreds of kilos of calories. Hiking trail When Cycling trail You offered very generously. And when I do, I never get lost because you have thoughtfully placed the direction signs on all the other trees.

And it’s a big part of your efficiency, roadside overgrowth is suppressed, public pavements are mercilessly scraped off, and all villages are in full bloom with well-maintained flower beds.

Say goodbye to the traces of the pandemic and take off your mask on free public transport to finally return to the quaint and unique tradition of kissing your cheeks three times.

You have already revived your other wonderful traditions such as Bird-shaped whistle, Burning straw man, Hopping matrixDuring the rush hour, drive a tractor on the highway, overtake a corner, cycle two side by side, scaredly approach and drive people out of the freeway highway.

And perhaps your biggest tradition is that you can’t mow or clean the patio on Sundays. The only noise you can hear is the sound of church bells. Luxembourg was careful before it was invented.

Before meeting you, there was no concept of the rich history of Europe and the strategic importance you had. Now, when I stand in front of a fortress built by military engineer Vauban, or when I’m surprised at how 50 cannons and 1,200 soldiers fit into Bock Casemate, I’m what you are. I realize that it was a valuable possession over the years.

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Bock Case-Mate, a great location with city views

Photo: Maurice Fick

Was the real estate price at that time amazing?But I think you have a casemate DeveloperBuild a flat block that doesn’t try to fit aesthetically with the rest of Cape Bock.

From the beginning you gave me Single language Someone who finds it difficult to learn another language. You’ve been listening tirelessly when I started writing in Luxembourgish, switched to bad French, and ended up with English that didn’t work very well. You gave me a free lesson funded in the three official languages ​​of your country and soon. And when everything else failed, you translated all public information into English.

I fell in love with you because of your nature – it’s a lot here.A mighty and quiet forest, a fresh lake for swimming, a raptor on a country road, and Matsuten It went through all the cables in my car and caused damage worth 2000 euros.

But that’s okay, I was planning to update my car. It’s almost 6 years old, and you told me that the only acceptable old banger on the road is a lovingly restored vintage model.

You are very proud of your country, its heritage and customs, but still welcome 169 nationalities. But you want to keep yourself, so it never changes.

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Don’t be afraid, the burning cross in Luxembourg has a very different meaning than anywhere else

Photo: Claude Lenert

And I hope you never change.I love having a local fire brigade in every village, my neighbor having a horse and two goats in her yard, and you making a door wreath In May, and Burn a huge wooden cross Exile the winter blues.I have a special day to buy a winter coat and I love to celebrate that fact continuously Victor Hugo stayed in Vianden 2 months.

I love the fact that almost anything goes here (even raising and smoking yourself) Cannabis at home) – You are open to everything – because you are yourself, and I sincerely hope you stay that way. Thank you for your happiness for nearly 10 years together.

Congratulations on National Foundation Day.

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