Odinga, Rut Neck & Neck in Kenya’s presidential election, an early official tally show–neck-in-kenyas-presidential-race-early-official-tally-shows-1099567970.html


MIA “Rosya Segodnya”




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MIA “Rosya Segodnya”

sputnik international


MIA “Rosya Segodnya”

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Kenya’s general election will take place on August 9, 2022, with four candidates vying for the presidency to replace Uhuru Kenyatta, who has resigned since April 2013 due to constitutional term limits. Voters also cast their ballots for governors, senators, members of Congress, and county legislators.

Opposition leader Laila Odinga and Vice President William Ruto are now evenly matched. Kenyan presidential election, the initial official results are shown. Ruto had a slight lead over Odinga, with him receiving 51 percent of the vote against his 48 percent of his rival, his more than one-third of the results confirmed.

After more than 26% of votes were tallied, Odinga was seen to be nervous with 54% of the vote, as opposed to 45%, according to results tallied by Kenya’s Electoral Commission at noon on Saturday. was given.

East Africa’s richest country held presidential, parliamentary and local elections on August 9, with more than 22 million Kenyans eligible to vote.

Root leads with nearly 52.3% of the vote, compared to Odinga’s 47%, according to Reuters, which tallied 241 forms from 291 constituencies posted online. 2100 GMT on Saturday.

Ruto and Odinga face off tough competition for success president Uhuru KenyattaDue to the constitutional two-term limit, he will serve from April 2013 and then resign.

Kenyatta had previously publicly endorsed his longtime rival Odinga, 77, on Wednesday. It made good sense,” he said.

Odinga is running for the fifth presidential election and is vying for the presidency as the front-runner for the Azimio la Umoja alliance, which includes parties such as Kenyatta’s Jubilee Party and Odinga’s Orange Democratic Movement. Vice President William Ruto is running as a candidate for the United Democratic Alliance.

Electoral Commission chairman Wahra Chebkaty has complained of party members being allowed to scrutinize result forms from constituencies before adding them to the final tally, citing slow turnouts. At a press conference on Friday, he likened the protracted process to a “forensic audit.”

Kenya’s election law requires ballots to be physically brought to the country’s counting center to be examined by party representatives for possible disagreements and to prevent collusion. Such allegations sparked violence, as did the 2017 contested election that left 100 people dead. Both frontrunners vowed to keep their cool once the results were known.

Winners must receive 50% of the national vote plus 1 vote and at least 25% of the vote from 24 of the 47 counties.

The Electoral Commission must declare the winner by August 16th.–neck-in-kenyas-presidential-race-early-official-tally-shows-1099567970.html Odinga, Rut Neck & Neck in Kenya’s presidential election, an early official tally show

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