Offers to job seekers questioned by nightclub strippers

ADEM Job Center in Luxembourg

Photo by: Anouk Antony

Luxembourg recruiters refer job seekers as “dancers, strippers, escorts” in what looks like an Ingeldorf nightclub, and what the government is doing to help parliamentarians work unemployed. It made me wonder if I was following the practice.

The introduction, dated May 4, caused anger while doing rounds on social media, and lawmakers addressed Labor Minister Georges Engel, who is responsible for the agency that helps job seekers find jobs.

Job seekers must prove that they have contacted their employer when they are referred by ADEM. Otherwise, unemployment benefits may be reduced or the agency may stop sending other referrals. Those who gained the status of strippers were qualified for “educational dance”.

Greens lawmakers are currently asking if the referral was within the scope of the law, how the agency would make the decision, and what penalties job seekers could impose. They also asked why the applicant’s rights were not explained, such as a potential appeal against the referral.

Positions that match the description posted on the RTL Job Board by ADEM in December remained online at least until last month. Luxembourg Times I was able to establish it using the Wayback Machine of the Internet Archive.

Over 14,500 Job Seekers Registered with ADEM March -About 800 less than a month ago and 4,100 less than a year ago.

According to ADEM, employers posted more than 5,200 new vacancies last month, leaving just under 12,000 at the end of March. According to ADEM, both statistics are record numbers.

According to ADEM, the number of people receiving unemployment benefits has also dropped by a quarter compared to a year ago.

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