Official Highlights Budapest-Warsaw High Speed ​​Rail Project-Daily News Hungary

Integrating Hungary into Europe’s high-speed rail network would be “the most spectacular railroad project in our lives,” Secretary of State Laslo Mosocci aimed to connect the Visegrad countries with Austria. He spoke at an online conference on the Budapest-Warsaw Railway Development Project.

When the new service is completed within the next 10 years, Vienna and Bratislava will be accessible within two hours from Budapest, 3.5 hours from Prague and 5.5 hours from Warsaw, the Secretary of Foreign Affairs said.

He argued that this project would guarantee a sustainable future for the Hungarian State Railways.

Hungary has spent more than 2 trillion forints (€ 5.6 billion) on domestic railroad development over the last 15 years, but the government could spend “several times” to make railroads more competitive in the future. Mr. Mosoch said.

Noting the European Union’s directive to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 90% by 2050, the Secretary of State said:

The “real solution” is to switch from cars and aircraft to trains, “even guaranteeing complete emission-free operation.”

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