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Officially advertises Kuwait’s anti-corruption law

Kuwait: Dr. Ahmad Alhaifi, Deputy Secretary of State for Parliament, said yesterday that Kuwait is a pioneer in anti-corruption law, and the diversity of institutions delegated to it promotes legislative and accountability efforts. rice field.

Sheikh Sabah Khaled al-Hamad al. Mentioned Prime Minister Subur’s instructions. .. Heyfi then reviewed Kuwait’s efforts in the face of corruption resulting from four key aspects in a report issued by the ministry.

On the legislative side, he said the government worked with parliament to establish a legislative system that emphasized efforts to combat corruption. On aspects of government decisions and measures to combat corruption and maintain public funding, he is committed to developing effective strategies to combat administrative and financial corruption, including digital transformation. Discussed about.

Haifi will also develop working mechanisms in government agencies, apply the law to all, revitalize the role of regulators and community partnerships in the fight against corruption, and work with parliament to complete the legislative system. I promised.

On the aspect of activating the role of regulators, he said that Kuwait integrates with each other to curb signs of financial and administrative corruption, including the Kuwait Anti-Corruption Authority (Nazaha), National Audit. He explained that he has an institutional system. Bureau (SAB) and Citizen Services Council (CSC).

He also referred to the Government Performance Follow-up Agency, the Supreme Council for Planning and Development, the Treasury Department’s Financial Management Department, the Financial Intelligence Unit, the National Money Laundering Prevention and Terrorism Financing Commission, and the Public Fund Protection Commission. Parliament, Parliamentary Budget and Final Accounting Committee, and prosecution and several other official affiliates.

On the aspect of improving Kuwait’s ranking in international indicators, Haifi said that Kuwait’s efforts to combat corruption in recent years have fallen to 85th place in the world and finally to 73rd place in Kuwait’s World Corruption Perceptions Index. He said he contributed to the improvement of the ranking. 3 years.

He points out that this improvement reflects various efforts expressed in referencing many cases of corruption and financial infringement to the competent authorities and issuing legislation to help improve the legislative environment. did. These laws, in addition to the submission of regular reports to monitor government performance, enhance integrity, transparency, and integrity, and combat corruption and electronic governance of state institutions. It is related to the implementation of Kuwait’s strategy. – Kuna

https://www.kuwaittimes.com/official-touts-kuwaits-anti-corruption-legislation/ Officially advertises Kuwait’s anti-corruption law

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