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Offshore Wind: Edda Wind Orders Three

Edda Wind, a Norwegian offshore wind company, has ordered three more commissioning service operating vessels (CSOVs) in addition to the six vessels it is constructing.

The vessel is designed for offshore wind farm commissioning and service operations in operation. According to Edda Wind, the three vessels will prepare for the installation of zero-emission technology in the same way as the first six vessels, funded by Enova.

“The company owns 11 dedicated vessels, including the latest three new vessels, six of which have medium- to long-term contracts with key customers such as Ørsted, Vestas, Ocean Breeze, SSE and SIEMENS GAMESA. “We are,” said Edda Wind, based in Haugesund.

Of the three newly ordered vessels, one will be built at Asstilleros Gondan (“Gondan”) in Spain and two at Colombo Dockyard PLC (“Colombo”) in Sri Lanka. In addition, the company has a yard option to build more vessels.

Kenneth Walland, CEO of Edda Wind: “Ordering three more dedicated CSOVs further strengthens Edda Wind’s leading position in offshore wind. From the vessels that have built such a series of vessels and are currently under construction. With the experience and knowledge gained, these vessels can be acquired at competitive prices. The move is expected to grow tremendously in the offshore wind market over the next few decades. , Clearly demonstrates Edda Wind’s ambition to become the world’s leading provider in this segment. “

In the fourth quarter of 2021 Edda Wind was listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange through an IPO and raised approximately NOK 1 billion new capital.

“This latest investment leverages the position Edda Wind has built up with its customers, shipyards and other stakeholders to further strengthen its position as a leading pure offshore wind provider, thereby further strengthening its growth strategy. It will happen, “says Walland.

Edda Wind CEO, Kenneth Walland-© Edda Windship

The new ship to be built at the Gondan Shipyard is designed by Salt 0217 and will be delivered in July 2024. This ship will be four sister ships already under construction in Gondan.

“This vessel is number 18 ordered by a company affiliated with the Østensjø Group, including seven Edda Wind vessels. It goes without saying that Gondan is considered an excellent shipbuilder based on this track record. And the yard has been proven to provide the quality we need and we are very pleased to sign a new contract with them, “Waland said.

The two new builds in Colombo are those of the Salt 0425 design, which is a further development of the Salt 0217 design. The first ship will be delivered in January 2024 and the second ship will be delivered in July 2024.

“The 89.3-meter-long vessel serves as the mother ship for wind turbine technicians during commissioning and maintenance of wind turbines. Comfortable cabins and high-level common areas allow up to 97 technicians. And can carry 23 sailors. The roll reduction system provides good working conditions on board. The motion-corrected gangway system with adjustable pedestal to the turbine even in harsh weather conditions. The design is optimized for efficient logistic operation of turbine engineers. “Edda Wind talks about the new ship delivered under the Norwegian flag. ..

“The main design goal was to build the most environmentally friendly vessels without compromising operational capabilities. The vessel design significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Edda Wind is a Hydrogenic LOHC Maritime. Continue to collaborate with AS to prepare the vessel for future zero emission technology. Funded by Enova, this technology is based on the Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carrier (LOHC) and uses hydrogen as an energy source. It will be safe and efficient to use, “says the CEO.

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