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Offshore Windservice’s new CTV has been delivered

January 3, 2022

(Photo: Oma Baatbyggeri)

Norwegian shipbuilder Oma Baatbyggeri handed over a third vessel to the Danish shipping company Offshore Windservice AS in early November.

Designed and developed in collaboration with Bergen’s Odfjell Wind AS, the new aluminum FOB Swath 10 is a 32 meter long and 11.5 meter wide crew transfer vessel built to transport service personnel for offshore wind turbines. (CTV).

Equipped with an interceptor and fin stabilizer, the Humphree AB can operate in both catamaran mode or small waterline area twin (SWATH) mode.

In SWATH mode, the vessel is lowered about 1.5 meters into the sea to reduce sea movement and make the movement of personnel from the vessel to the wind turbine safer.

With service speeds of up to 35 knots and passenger certificates of up to 55 passengers, the FOB Swath 10 will operate at offshore wind farms throughout the North Sea basin.

https://www.oedigital.com/news/493210-offshore-windservice-s-new-ctv-delivered Offshore Windservice’s new CTV has been delivered

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