OHSA wants to report “dangerous work conditions”

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OHSA) said it is necessary to immediately report dangerous work conditions and take action.

OHSA issued a statement after being warned of a dangerous scaffolding incident off the front of the facility. Monday st. Julian’s..

OHSA said it was warned about the incident through social media.

OHSA said OHS officers were immediately dispatched to the scene to ensure that the scaffolding was safe and properly secured.

The OHSA investigation continued this morning. OHSA calls on all stakeholders to work in a concrete way to ensure that all workplaces are safe for all.

OHSA requires those who observe dangerous work situations to manage the danger and report to OHSA anonymously and immediately so that workers and third parties are not endangered or endangered. Insisted strongly.

OHSA can be contacted by email at 21247677 (during working hours) or 99946786 (after working hours). [email protected] Or via its Facebook page @ohsamalta OHSA wants to report “dangerous work conditions”

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