Økokrim: War in Ukraine increases the risk of corruption of Norwegian companies

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According to the newspaper Dagens Næringsliv, Økokrim believes that the war in Ukraine increases the risk that Norwegian companies may be involved in corruption abroad.

Økokrim believes that Norwegian companies operating abroad are now very likely to be involved in corruption. The reason for this is a new trade route due to resource depletion around the world and the war in Ukraine, DN writes.

“If we run out of resources … there is an increased risk of corruption,” said Pål Lønseth, chief of Økokrim.

The spread of a pandemic of corruption

He describes the situation in some countries where Norwegian companies are acting as a “spread of a pandemic of corruption.”

According to the Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK), Økokrim says that the biggest challenge associated with the refugee situation as a result of the war in Ukraine is the ability of traffickers and others to exploit vulnerable refugees due to prostitution and forced labor. I think.

Unskilled worker

In particular, Økokrim believes that criminals could attempt to exploit vulnerable employees.

“Especially in areas that require a lot of unskilled workers, such as construction and construction, cleaning, and transportation …” said Pål Lønseth.


According to VG, Økokrim also points out crime in the fishing industry as one of the greatest threats. This includes under-catch and inaccurate reporting.

“Fishing crimes are generally difficult to detect. There are few objective clues and few automated reporting points, which means that many investigators are needed,” says Lønseth. I am.

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