Old nemesis brings more loca team sorrow

Another year, the same result. Lyon-Billourbanne won the French title for the third consecutive year with a nail-pricking overtime victory over AS Monaco Basketball (84-82) on Saturday with an astroball.

Monaco was less than a second after revenge the 2019 defeat with Asvel’s hands, but despite a closer series, Sasha Obradovic’s men again fell into a painful shortage. I did.

The Roca team, who went up to 2-1 in the series at Salle Gaston Médecin last week, was less than a win after defeating the French basketball champion. Last Wednesday, Asvel, who started the block in a hurry, played off the court and missed a chance.

The same thing happened on Saturday, with a packed Astroball gaining a 17-point advantage on the homeside in the middle of the first quarter (24-7). Slow start was a predictable feature in Monaco games, not just in this series, but throughout the season.

What is hard to predict is the ability to fight back. Monaco did not respond to the uncontrollable Asvel attack in the middle of the week, but Obradvic’s men successfully overcame the storm, rediscovered the liquidity of the attack and regained control of the game in the second quarter.

Their comeback wasn’t an exaggeration, but with a gradual increase, Monaco gained the right to dream of their first French title. By the fourth quarter, they were just around the corner. Time ticks, a man comes – three consecutive Mike James pointers reverse the deficit, giving him a four-point lead.

Dwayne Bacon’s two pointers have left Monaco at the end of their glory. With an eight-point lead, they were able to confuse and deny the history of Asvel, who had become France’s second team to win three consecutive titles in just four minutes.

David Lighty halved the deficit at three points, but Monaco resisted and Asvel still had something to do. One play away from the title, Elie Okobo picked up the ball, got into the key, converted two pointers with just 1.8 seconds left in the series, leveled the score and brought it to overtime.

Momentum was on the home side, and Okobo gave him a five-point advantage with just over two minutes left. However, Monaco found a second wind and, thanks to James’ two pointers in less than a minute left, counterattacked to regain the lead (80-81).

After the third match, Bacon said Monaco life That “defense wins the game”. And it proved. At the counter, Paris Lee seemed confident that he would charge the court and give Monaco another advantage in 15 seconds, but the noble intervention denied the Americans.

In their tooth skin, Asvel sticks to claim their 21st French Championship (84-82), and Monaco is still looking for their first one. “I’m sad to the supporters and Monaco, who has been waiting for it for a long time,” said Leo Westermann of Monaco.

A promising season where a disappointing European adventure and another Betclic Elite final ended without a trophy. However, the team has an uncontrollable feeling that they are heading in the right direction, and if they positively convey this year’s disappointment next season, they can beat the French champion. But for now, I feel that the chances of accomplishing that feat are a long way off.

Photo courtesy of AS Monaco Basketball Old nemesis brings more loca team sorrow

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