Older archives still relevant today: Minister

Once upon a time we were illiterate. Today the world has a digital (form) and if you don’t adapt to it you will be blinded.

JAKARTA (ANTARA) – State Enterprises Minister Erick Thohir believes that much can be learned from some of the archives on display at the Presidential Palace in Jakarta’s Salina shopping center and the issues involved in the presidential car. I’m here.

Thohir made the statement after opening and reviewing an exhibition held to celebrate the 77th Independence Day here in Salina on Saturday with Minister of State Pratikno.

“President Sukarno encouraged the eradication of illiteracy. We have photos and witnesses. I think that (aspiration) is valid to this day. We have to move to a new world, the world,” the minister said.

“In the past, we were illiterate. Today, the world is digital (forms) and if we don’t adapt, we become blind,” he added.

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The minister recalled that the digital age has brought about great changes in various areas such as employment and opportunities to run businesses.

“If we don’t adapt as a country, we will eventually be left behind,” he said.

The minister gave another example of photo archives and news reports before the United Nations (UN) forum that reflected the efforts of the founding fathers to portray the true essence of Pancasila as an Indonesian philosophy.

Thohir expressed pride in the fact that Indonesia, as a nation, can be a beacon for the world in turning differences into equality and strength.

The minister said the issue is still relevant to the current situation in the world, and some countries still face many problems caused by differences in shape and form.

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“This includes superpowers like the United States (United States), which have been independent for hundreds of years, but are constantly facing such recurring problems over the years,” he pointed out.

“What does that mean? Our foundation as a nation should no longer be questioned. I believe it inspires other nations to learn from our national history.” ” he affirmed.

Salina’s presidential archives and car exhibit will be open to the public until August 31 as part of a month-long series of activities to mark Indonesia’s Independence Day.

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