Oldest Guantanamo Bay prisoner returns to Pakistan



MOSCOW (Sputnik) – The oldest prisoner of the infamous US detention camp Guantanamo Bay, 75-year-old Saif Ullah Paracha, has been released and returned to Pakistan, Pakistan’s foreign ministry said on Saturday.

“Mr Saif Ullah Paracha, a Pakistani national detained in Guantanamo Bay, was released and arrived in Pakistan on Saturday 29 October 2022. We have completed the interagency process and are pleased to finally reunite Pakistani citizens who were detained abroad with their families,” the ministry said in a statement.

75-year-old man is the oldest Prisoner of Guanamo Bay He was arrested on suspicion of ties to al-Qaeda* but was never charged with a crime. His release was approved in May 2021 after more than 17 years of detention.

Paracha was arrested in Thailand in 2003 and has been detained at a US military base in Cuba since September 2004. Authorities believed he was a “facilitator” for al-Qaeda, and that he helped his two perpetrators in the September 11 terrorist attacks in a financial deal. However, Paracha denied his involvement in the terrorism, claiming he did not know those people were members of al-Qaeda.

His son, Uzair Paracha, was arrested on charges of helping a terror suspect enter the United States with false identification before his father was arrested. In 2005, a New York federal court sentenced him to 30 years in prison, but a judge dismissed his witness testimony in March 2020 and ruled against a new trial by the U.S. government. Later he was sent back to Pakistan in his 2021.

* Terrorist organization outlawed in Russia and many other states Oldest Guantanamo Bay prisoner returns to Pakistan

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