Olympic champion Zsolt Varga is the new captain of the men’s water polo team

Zsolt Varga has made Varga the new captain of the Hungarian men’s water polo team, replacing Tamás Märcz, who left the team by mutual agreement on Monday. Under the agreement, Barga will lead the team in a way not seen in the domestic polo scene for decades and will hold the head coach post at Ferencvárosi for at least another year.

Zsolt Varga, 50, started as a player at the Central Sports Youth Sports Association (KSI) in Budapest, played professionally in Italy from 2001 to 2010, playing against Újpest, BVSC and Muradost in Croatia, and returned home. Later, he played water polo for two years at Ferencvárosi. He is a member of the Hungarian (twice) and Croatian championship teams, with the Italians giving the best results in silver. He has won the Hungarian Cup, Croatian Cup, LEN Champions League Cup, LEN Cup Winners’ Cup (KEK) and Champions League silver medals. He was a member of the Hungarian team that won the 2000 Sydney Olympics. His national team won second place in the 1998 World Championships and became the European Champion in 1997 and 1999.

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He retired in 2012, but soon began his new career as a coach for the Ferencvárosi youth team and a professional director for the youth team. Meanwhile, he also served as an assistant coach for the National Youth Team. In 2013, he was promoted to Ferencvárosi’s head coach, winning three Hungarian Championships, two European Cups and two European Super Cups, and one Champions League.

“I am grateful not only to the President and the Board of Directors, but also to Ferencvárosi, who I was raised as a coach, and I am deeply grateful to Norbi Madaras and Zoli Nyíri for helping me with my day-to-day work. “We are,” added Varga.

I am a hard worker. I want to stand by the pool with a whistle now. The motto for the next period is work, work, and work. The first task is to announce the framework so that players can get the rest they need as soon as possible. The European Championship will be held. It cannot be delayed any further. “

The captain explained that he knew that next year would be a difficult task as he had to manage the club team Ferencvárosi in two ways in addition to the national team. “I believe it can be done,” he said.

On Monday, the Hungarian Water Polo Federation decided to replace Tamas Meltz, who left by mutual agreement after the performance of the Hungarian team, who finished seventh in the FINA World Championships in Budapest. The team has previously won European titles, World Championship Silver and Olympic Bronze medals. Under his leadership. In addition to recognizing his achievements, the organization said in a statement that a faster-than-planned update was needed for the Paris Olympics.

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Featured Image: Adam Nagy playing 5th to 8th at the FINA World Championships Hungary vs. US Men’s Water Polo Tournament on July 1, 2022 at the Hahos Alfredo National Sports Complex on Margaret Island, Hungary. photograph: Szilárd Koszticsák / MTI Olympic champion Zsolt Varga is the new captain of the men’s water polo team

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