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Omicron attacks Delhi police and senior officers test positive

New Delhi: A senior IPS police officer from the Delhi Police Department was infected with an Omicron variant of the coronavirus and was discovered Thursday.

The DCP, listed in the special cell, went to London to hand over Harbinder Singh, also known as Bali, an international drug supplier.

“Police officers were positive when they arrived at Delhi Airport,” said a special cell source.

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Harbinder Singh, who was accused based on a delivery request issued by Special Cell, was arrested by British police in February 2021 and brought to justice in London’s West Minster Court.

A team of DCP Ingit Pratap Singh, ACP Rahul Vikram, and investigator Anuj Kumar was sent to London for his control.

“DCP-ranked officers are positive for Omicron and are in isolation at home,” sources told IANS, adding that officers are doing better than they are today. The other two police officers are also isolated at home.

Harbin del Singh is currently undergoing forced quarantine and will be subsequently detained by police from Tihar Prison for further investigation.

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