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Omicron could head for a rapid decline in the US and UK – latest updates

Covid-19 infected more than 313 million people worldwide and killed more than 5.5 million people. Here are some of the latest developments related to coronavirus:

Omicron variants have proven to be highly contagious, so it is possible that there is already a shortage of infected people. (Reuters)

Wednesday, January 12, 2021

Omicron can decline rapidly in the US and UK

Scientists have seen signals that Covid-19’s alarming Omicron wave may have peaked in the UK and is trying to do the same in the United States. At that point, cases can begin to decline dramatically.

Reason: This variant is so contagious that there may be a shortage of infected people only one and a half months after it was first detected in South Africa.

At the same time, experts warn that much is still uncertain about how the next phase of the pandemic will unfold. The stagnation and decline of both countries are not occurring everywhere at the same time or at the same pace.

And even if the drop-off passes, the misery of weeks or months is still ahead for patients and overwhelming hospitals.

Nearly 500 Covids have died in Spain

Spain has the highest number of coronavirus-related deaths since March, with 247 in the last 24 hours, the Ministry of Health said.

The country recorded nearly 135,000 daily cases, bringing the total to 7.59 million and the total death toll reached 90,383.

EU regulators say boosters provide protection against Omicron

According to a preliminary study, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) states that the Covid-19 vaccine remains effective against hospitalization and serious illness due to a new omicron variant of the coronavirus.

In the scientific view of EMA, vaccination, especially booster shot vaccination, was very effective against the development of severe illness.

At the same time, the EMA expressed concern about the need for regular repeat boosts for the Omicron variant.

Quebec, Canada to tax unvaccinated people

Quebec, Canada, is struggling to manage variants of Omicron and will impose a new health tax in the coming weeks for those who have not been vaccinated with Covid-19.

According to Quebec Prime Minister François Lego, 10% of unvaccinated Quebec should not “harm” 90% of those who receive it.

The Premier of Quebec explained that these 10% of unvaccinated adults make up 50% of the people in the intensive care unit, a “shocking” situation.

Anthony Fauci: The United States is at the “threshold” of life with Covid

Despite the surge in cases and record-high Covid-19 hospitalizations, the United States is approaching a “threshold” to move to life with the coronavirus as a manageable illness, Anthony Fauci said.

Talking to the Center for Strategic and International Studies, top US scientists say it’s impractical to eliminate Covid, saying, “Omicron, with its extraordinary, unprecedented transmission efficiency, ultimately almost everything. You will find people. “

According to official data, there are currently 145,982 Covid hospitalizations, but it is believed that a significant proportion are hospitalized “disease” rather than due to illness.

U.S. airlines say China has forced them to cancel their flights

According to US airlines, China has blocked more than 12 domestic flights recently and in the future, and the already strict Covid-19 travel ban has been tightened.

China ordered cancellation after some passengers tested positive for Covid-19 on a flight arriving in China in late December, according to industry insiders.

American Airlines said six flights from Dallas / Fort Worth to Shanghai were canceled in late January and early February.

United Airlines said it was forced to cancel six flights from San Francisco to Shanghai later this month.

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