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Omicron spreads global darkness as New Year’s celebrations approach

Despite the signs that Omicron may be a milder coronavirus variant, some countries are considering more restrictions and blockades.

The government is bound by ruining yet another party or playing safely so that the health care system does not collapse. (AFP)

Omicron varieties cause more darkness around the world as the New Year celebrations approach.

Monday is a good example, and some governments are considering more restrictions to add to the patchwork of measures and blockades already in place around Europe.

The French government and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson assess the need to counter the record number of Covid-19 infections with the latest data and more to pull people apart when they want to be very together. I took measures for.

However, despite its massive contagiousness, there are signs that Omicron could be a milder variant, and politicians should not ruin yet another party or disrupt the health system. I was tied up with whether I could play safely.

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In Belgium, people faced the first real test on Monday with some new measures. Shopping was reduced to two adults, perhaps children were towed, and cinemas and concert halls were closed when countless families were on vacation together.

Fierce criticism

The call to close theaters and art centers was particularly intense criticism.

“It’s also necessary for mental health. It’s the only way people can live their experiences and tell stories. It’s most important to be open in these complex and complex times,” said artist Michael de Cock. I am saying. Director of the Royal Theater of Flanders.

Even a joint celebration, like the New Year’s fireworks, where thousands of people rush to Brussels in search of the best views is off.

Nightclubs are already closed and restaurants and bars need to close their doors at 11pm

There is a similar creeping movement in the UK.

Scotland will close nightclubs on Monday after Northern Ireland and Wales have already closed on Sunday, but will remain open in England.

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Even the steady flow of the English Premier League games, a staple of British holiday celebrations, is under threat.

The league has already canceled 15 games in two and a half weeks, and there is a possibility that it will increase further in the future.

The UK’s daily infections reached a new high of 122,186 on Friday, but no numbers on the long Christmas weekend.

In France, for the first time in a pandemic, more than 100,000 viral infections were recorded in one day, and hospitalizations for Covid-19 have doubled in the past month.

President Emmanuel Macron’s government is holding an emergency meeting on Monday to discuss the next steps to tackle the virus.

Hesitant approach

This fragmented and often hesitant approach is found in much of Europe. In Poland, a 38 million country where daily deaths often exceed the 500 threshold, nightclubs may be closed, but they are allowed to reopen on New Year’s Eve, and the government has many. I don’t want to oppose voters. Opposed to restrictions and compulsory vaccination.

In Italy, the government does not mandate rules for personal gatherings, but it aims at New Year’s Eve, bans outdoor events and closes discos until the end of January.

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