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Omicron surge never seen before: US-based experts

new York: As a case of Covid-19, supported by a fast-moving variant of Omicron, it hit hospitals around the world. A US-based doctor said the surge was “different from what we’ve seen so far.”

“Even at the peak of Covid’s surge, we’ve never seen it before,” James Phillips, head of disaster medicine at George Washington University Hospital, told CNN.

“What we are experiencing now is the absolute overwhelming of Washington’s emergency department,” Phillips added.

According to data from Johns Hopkins University, the country experienced an average of 300,886 pandemics per day in the previous week.

From New Jersey and New York to Arkansas and Chicago, CNN reports a record number of cases of concern about hospital beds, so this is a nationwide scene.

In Arizona and New Mexico, federal medical personnel have been deployed to provide Covid-19 surge support, the report said.

In Georgia, Covid-19 hospitalizations have surged from 100% to 200% recently, adding six major healthcare systems where most patients are unvaccinated, allowing emergency rooms to focus on people with significant needs. We are publicly urging people to seek coronavirus testing elsewhere. ,Added.

In Louisiana, a new record of cases has been set, according to the state, which has tripled Covid-19 hospitalizations in the last two weeks.

https://www.siasat.com/omicron-surge-unlike-anything-weve-ever-seen-us-based-expert-2251009/ Omicron surge never seen before: US-based experts

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