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Omicron was able to signal the beginning of the end

Here’s a story that slowly emerges after more than two years of suffering around the world, including transmission, death, social devastation, and economic genocide. The world is set towards the gradual beginning of the end of the “pandemic”.
Omicron spreads faster than any previous variety, but has proven to be less toxic. There is increasing talk that the worst pandemics may slowly be known as endemic.
Endemic means that the disease is still circulating, but at a lower, more predictable rate, and fewer people land in hospitals. The term may mean that the disease is confined to a particular area.
The new story begins when Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said last week that it was time to think about a long-term new way of life with Covid, as the world does with the flu.
Other countries also participated in this call, aiming to move towards a new chapter in the disease.
Indeed, the desire for financially damaging blockades has long disappeared. Vaccines protect people around the world, and there is even hope that Omicron, with its enthusiastic spread and less powerful hits, may speed the path to a pandemic exit.
Government isn’t the only one hoping that 2022 will finally be the year Covid can transition to a backburner of public discourse. The tired masses are desperate to escape, and Internet searches for the term “endemic” have skyrocketed in recent weeks.
A pandemic will give in to the world economy and it may take many years to fully recover.
The global economy is expected to lose nearly $ 8.5 trillion in output over two years due to a pandemic, wiped out almost all profits over the last four years, the UN’s Global Economic Situation and Outlook report predicts in 2020. Did.
According to the World Bank Group, the global economy is expected to grow 4.1% in 2022, down 0.2 points from previous forecasts. “The global recovery is set to slow significantly in the face of a continuous Covid-19 rekindling, diminished policy support, and a prolonged supply bottleneck,” he said last week.
According to the International Labor Organization, the global employment market will take longer to recover than previously thought, and the unemployment rate will remain above pre-Covid-19 levels by at least 2023 due to uncertainties in the course and duration of the pandemic. I am.
In 2021, the ILO estimates that there will be about 125 million fewer jobs than pre-pandemic levels and 258 million less in 2020. Overall, it is estimated that approximately 207 million people will be unemployed in 2022.
Indeed, the world now has more tools than ever before to curb pandemics. But don’t dive, warn health professionals. There is too much uncertainty about how the virus evolves, how much immunity society is building, and the potential damage if people are not careful.
The World Health Organization is calling attention. Despite the worldwide promotion of vaccines (currently the dose is approaching 10 billion doses), there is a large gap. More than 85% of Africa’s population does not receive doses, but 36 WHO member countries do not even reach the 10% range.
In the future, as the government withdraws, individual responsibilities will increase by calling for voluntary restrictions on self-diagnosis, masking, and social interaction.
In fact, WHO wants the world to come together and make the difficult decisions needed to end the coronavirus pandemic within a year. “2022 must be the year we end the pandemic,” says Secretary Tedros Adhanom Gebreyes.

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