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Omicron waves can recede rapidly: Expert

Hyderabad: The Omicron wave is most likely to recede as quickly as it rises, but to make the health system stronger and more resilient for the people to be safe from the health crisis. It’s time to learn and act, says health system experts.

As expected, Omicron is sweeping the nation. Even though certain metropolitan areas such as Mumbai and Delhi appear to have peaked, India has not yet reached its peak daily case count as the waves spread to the hinterland. Fortunately, our healthcare system has not been overwhelmed so far, and of ACCESS Health International, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving access to quality and affordable health care around the world. Dr. Krishna Lady Naramara, India Country Director, said.

Despite its ferocity, he said, there are multiple factors in a country’s ability to absorb the current wave.

“The previous two waves provided innate immunity to a significant population. Defensive neutralizing antibody responses can diminish after 6 months, but T cell immunity provides protection against moderate to severe disease. A significant proportion of the eligible population is receiving the required two doses of vaccination.

“Therefore, vaccines and previous infections (asymptomatic or symptomatic) contribute to the milder clinical behavior of Covid-19, and Omicron, due to its multiple mutations, Delta and previously. It may not be able to penetrate the lung parenchyma, as mutants of the above were possible. Cell culture and animal experiments hint at the above hypothesis, “said Krishna Lady.

Asked if people learned to be responsible for their actions, he said it was unlikely given the ongoing social, political, and religious gatherings. The crowd gathered for the Sankranthi Festival is a testimony to the fact that people continue to lack memory, Krishna Lady said.

Assuming the country absorbs the current wave, he asks if pre-Covid normality can be restored, with Micron proliferating in millions of people around the world and immunizing Delta and other variants. Since weakened individuals, or previous variants, are growing in other animals, the world expects new variants to emerge until the virus reaches a stage where it does not have enough hosts to propagate. need to do it.

He said vaccine development is progressing at a blazing pace around the world, with nasal and oral vaccines potentially reducing viral load and infectivity in the respiratory tract.

“Vaccines that target conserved but important genes may prevent immune evasion. Similarly, monoclonal antibodies can target conserved genes. Many antivirals Currently, there are three antiviral drugs (remdecibir, praxlobid, and molnupiravir) approved under an emergency license, two of which (Praxlovid and Molnupiravir), which normally act at sites that are not mutated. ) Is an oral drug. Antivirals and antibodies act on the virus, thus reducing the duration of infectivity, which may reduce the duration of quarantine and quarantine. Government and private companies , We need to invest in vaccine and drug development in anticipation of new variants. “

He believes that facial masks will continue to be beneficial for any variety. In addition, they reduce other respiratory infections and provide protection against pollution-related lung problems. Efforts should be made to continue educating the general public about the benefits of wearing a face mask even in the absence of Covid waves.

Krishna Reddy called for inventory of the healthcare system to learn and implement measures to prevent and prepare for the next crisis.

You need to assess where your country stands by referring to the resilience of the health system. More investment in public health and primary health care is needed to enhance disease surveillance and rapid response systems.

Given the federal structure, where health is primarily the subject of the state, he said national health regulations are needed and an agreed and coordinated response system should be reached between the center and the state. ..

There is a need to introduce an institutional mechanism for urgent policy making based on scientific evidence. He added that pre-defined communication strategies need to be implemented given the importance of correct and reliable communication in the face of false information floods through social media channels.

He believes that the financial protection system has failed its primary purpose of preventing catastrophic medical costs for low- and middle-income earners, and these classes should have some form of medical financial protection. These are mainly concentrated in the subway and big cities, so even those with financial protection could not access the intensive care unit. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the intensive care unit of public hospitals in districts and towns. If the government cannot provide quality care, he said the policy should attract private investment in poorly serviced districts and towns of hospitals.

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