On the final day, more than 100 Ukrainian attacks on Russian positions in the south.New Russian Attack on Mariupol’s Azovstal Iron and Steel – Romanian Journal

Operational Command South of Ukraine launched more than 100 rockets, artillery and airstrikes on Russian positions in the last 24 hours to protect the southern part of the country, which was heavily bombed by Russian troops. I reported.

Russians have lost 57 soldiers, 6 armored cars and 3 cars on the South Front in the last 24 hours, according to a breaking news broadcast by a local Ukrainian agency. In the occupied Kherson region (south), Ukrainian military headquarters accused Russians of setting “legislative traps by convening a pseudo-referendum to include the region in the Russian Federation.” But according to Ukrainians “The Ukrainian flag is displayed on all streets of Kherson as evidence that the population does not embrace the symbols, powers and lifestyles imposed by the enemy.”

Meanwhile, in the Nikolaev region (Mykolaiv), east of the port city of Odessa, Russian troops continued to bomb industrial facilities, urban and suburban infrastructure with cannons and missile launchers. By doing so, according to the War Bulletin, “the enemy is trying to put psychological pressure on civilians and force them to accept the new system (political and administrative) imposed by the Russians.”

In the Odesa coastal region northwest of the Black Sea, Russians struck a situation in 2014 with an attack to create a land corridor in the adjacent segregation of Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula and Moldova’s Transnistoria, which was illegally annexed by Russia. It continues to be unstable. According to Ukrainians, the Russian Navy group in the Black Sea currently consists of four ships and two submarines carrying more than 30 Caribbean cruise missiles.

More than 20 hits with a rarity rocket

Russian troops attacked the Odesa, Mykolaiv and Donetsk regions with Soviet-produced missiles. With each new day of war, Russia’s former “brotherly” relations are increasingly torn apart. Apart from the ridicule and vandalism of civilians in Ukrainian cities, Russian troops dared to attack Ukraine with their rockets. On May 9, Russia used missiles produced in the collapsed Soviet Union for the first time in an attack on Ukraine. It turned out that until 1991, Russia allowed Ukrainians to harm Ukrainians with weapons they had fully collected or supported in production at Russian factories.Read more Here..

New Russian attack on Mariupol’s Azovstal ironworks

Russian troops tried to invade the Azovstal ironworks again on Friday, where Mariupol’s last Ukrainian fighter continued to resist, said Mayor Peter Andriushchenko.

In fact, Russian Ukrainian staff continued to bomb the complex and blocked the exit of Ukrainian soldiers. “”The situation is getting more and more complicated every day“The Mayor of Mariupol, who released the video, said.

Ukrainian defenders continue to resist in difficult situations even after the evacuation of civilians. Soldiers repeatedly called on Kieu and western leaders to find a way to pull them out of the steelmaking besieged by the Moscow army.

Russians still use Ukrainian Air Force Base in Melitopol

Russian troops continue to use Ukrainian air force bases outside the occupied city of Melitopol, a satellite image of the Black Sky show, CNN’s report (Photo). Satellite images taken on May 12 captured at least seven helicopters at an air force base. In another image taken earlier, only one helicopter was seen on May 7. For Russians, the air force base is strategically important between the occupied cities of Kherson and Mariupol and the region of the Donbus region, given its location.

More than 6 million Ukrainians have fled the country since the invasion of Russia began

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) said more than 6 million Ukrainians have fled their country since the invasion of Russia began. As of May 11, 6,029,705 Ukrainians initially sought evacuation from neighboring countries, most of the time before continuing their journey to other countries.

Poland is home to the largest refugee, 3,272,943, on May 11. 90% of these refugees are men between the ages of 18 and 60 who may be mobilized without the right to leave Ukraine. Since the beginning of hostilities, the daily flow of refugees has declined significantly.

In March, nearly 3.4 million Ukrainians often rushed away from their country with few personal belongings. In April, an additional 1.5 million people chose to escape combat and violence.

Since the beginning of the month, nearly 493,000 Ukrainians have crossed the border and fled to another country.

According to UN estimates released in late April, about 8.3 million people could flee Ukraine this year. According to the International Organization for Migration (IOM), these refugees include about 8 million refugees in Ukraine.

Ukrainians when they go home: my beloved land!

The painful images are not only from Mariupol, but also from villages in the Kharkov region reclaimed by the Ukrainians. Whether under Russian occupation or not, people are trying to make a living through the ruins of tombs and houses. Residents of Mariupol are about to return to their daily lives after Russia has ruled the entire city, with the exception of the Azovstal Iron and Steel Works.

Russians continue to bomb it. It’s the only place they couldn’t set foot, but in the meantime they started cleaning the rest of the city under their control. Workers from the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia were filmed to remove debris, cut wood for the locals and carry water to them – assistance for those who sent the debris in Moscow.

Tatiana knelt down and kissed the ground with tears. “My beloved land!” She is surprised and pleased to discover some of her animals.They survived, they waited for two months! “

EC Chair: Russia’s threat to nuclear weapons is shameful

European Council President Charles Michel said Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and recent North Korean missile tests threatened world security in Hiroshima, the first city in history to be hit by a nuclear bomb.

Charles Michel emphasized that Hiroshima is a “strong reminder of the urgency” of strengthening international rules on nuclear disarmament and arms control. “”As we say, world security is at stake. Russia, a nuclear-weapon state, is attacking Ukraine’s sovereign state and makes shameful and unacceptable references to the use of nuclear weapons. “ Charles Michel told Reuters.

In another view, the British Foreign Minister also said Vladimir Putin was “humiliating on the world stage” and called for stricter sanctions on Moscow. She spoke at a G7 meeting, arguing that sanctions should not be relaxed until all Russian troops leave Ukraine.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said in a message at night that Russia was already suffering from an “obvious” strategic defeat. At the same time, the UN Human Rights Council has begun investigating allegations of war crimes committed by Russian troops in Ukraine.

Russian Baltic Fleet has launched an operation to study the potential of NATO’s navy

The Russian fleet in the Baltic Sea began naval exercises on Thursday to study NATO capabilities in the region, just as Finland announced its decision to join the North Atlantic Alliance. According to a statement released by the Russian Baltic Fleet quoted by the EFE, tactical exercises involve nearly 100 officers and more than 50 Russian Navy fleets.

Russian authorities will be familiar with the “specificity” of the geopolitical situation in the area of ​​fleet responsibility and the “organization, organization, location and combat capability of NATO member navies”. “”Various uses of the Baltic Navy Group are being studied. “ The statement said.

Emmanuel Macron tired

Last week, the French president proposed to transfer Ukraine’s territory to Russia this week to save Putin’s face, rather than waiting for Ukraine to join the European Union. Report.

In the last four days, Ukrainians have twice suspected Emmanuel Macron’s support. In one of Macron’s scandalous mistakes, Olaf Scholz endorsed him (who would doubt it). On May 9, Macron stated that it would take too long for Ukraine to join the European Union, so we were able to create a “European Political Community” that we could join. In fact, it is a “European community” and includes only Ukraine.

G7 plans to provide Ukraine with € 30 billion in aid

The funds are provided as a grant and do not need to be repaid.according to SPIEGELIndustrially strong countries want to provide Ukraine with more support than ever before. The daily challenges facing Ukraine are costly. The € 5 billion per month that Ukraine currently receives from its partners is not enough to meet the obligations of all states. Therefore, at the G7 meeting in Petersburg, it was decided to provide Ukraine with additional grant aid.
“Ukraine had quantitatively identified these financial needs by the end of the year, according to negotiators. For example, about € 5 billion a month is spent paying government officials and pensioners. However, according to information from Kyiv, Ukraine cannot pay on its own. The International Monetary Fund considers the calculation understandable and reaches similar figures.Reported SPIEGEL, On the final day, more than 100 Ukrainian attacks on Russian positions in the south.New Russian Attack on Mariupol’s Azovstal Iron and Steel – Romanian Journal

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