One in six in a Luxembourg family lives in a dilapidated home

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Fifteen percent of Luxembourg residents live in dilapidated homes over the last three years.

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Nearly one in six Luxembourg households lives with roof leaks, damp walls and floors, and window rot. Housing remains the primary concern of Luxembourgers, according to statistics from the EU Statistics Bureau.

Over 15% of residents have lived in dilapidated homes for the past three years. Eurostat survey results on income and living conditions show.

However, Housing Minister Henri Kox responded to parliamentary questions and was based on a survey collected by the Luxembourg statistician Statec in 2021 and relied on household responses rather than expert inspections “subjective”. I dismissed the survey results, saying that it contained “questions”.

The lack of affordable housing was the primary concern of Luxembourg voters in the latest Pollitmonitor survey, as the countdown to the next general election is underway. According to voters, housing is the most pressing issue for politicians to tackle.

Statec findings show that lower household incomes are more susceptible to poor housing conditions.

The findings indicate a “very serious situation” that does not meet the minimum health, hygiene and safety standards for rental housing, Left Left (déi Lénk) lawmaker Natalie Oberweiss asked Cox about the problem. I wrote when.

government Last year, it announced that it would offer 4,000 affordable homes by 2025...To the Grand Duchy, one of the wealthiest countries in the world The risk of the working poor is the second highest Recent research shows that the entire European Union lags behind Romania alone.

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