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One Kedea Hill asks about NCB’s tenure

New Delhi: The extension given to Samir One Cade, Mumbai Zone Director of the Drug Enforcement Agency (NCB), ended on 31 December, but it is understood that he will remain in the post until further orders are given.

Wankede, contacted by IANS, refused to comment on his posts or extensions.

An IRS officer who was in the limelight after arresting Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Chan in connection with a drug case also said whether an invoice for the case would be submitted under his supervision. Rejected.

“Happy new year to everyone,” Wankede said.

During the Aryan Khan case, he was given a four-month extension that ended on December 31st.

Now, the Ministry of Home Affairs decides whether Wankede will be extended further. So far, no orders have been placed and will continue by default.

Some people want to give Wankede another extension.

The indictment for Aryan Khan has not yet been filed in the Mumbai court.

NCB sources said they wanted to draft a charge sheet and submit it under Wankede. They claim to have digital evidence, testimony, and drug samples collected during the assault and expect their claims to be strong.

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