One-third of Hungarians support refugees from Ukraine

The Cop Maria Institute told MTI Wednesday that one in three Hungarian citizens has been actively helping those fleeing Ukraine.

According to the Family Policy Institute, 58% of donors sent money, 40% sent food, and 39% sent other things.

According to the institute, 36% of Hungarian women and 25% of men have donated or volunteered to help refugees from Ukraine. Volunteers were primarily pensioners or married people with two or more children and higher educated people.

Institute surveys show that more than 75% of respondents

The government responded well to the needs of refugees, but 13% disagreed (10% were uncertain).

One-third of respondents said they were aware that Hungary had received more than 600,000 refugees from Ukraine so far, and another one-third said the figure was 500,000. We believe it is below, and a quarter of the respondents show a figure of 500,000-600,000.

Most respondents chose the Maltese charity and the Hungarian Red Cross as the main providers of humanitarian aid, but the majority were also aware of efforts coordinated by government and religious and civilian charities. ..

Source: MTI One-third of Hungarians support refugees from Ukraine

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