Online citizenship applications will be available by the end of the year

Portugal’s ‘great leap’ in digital transition relieves enormous pressure on notary offices

The Portuguese Judicial Portal is ready to process your citizenship request. This is one of the most “crowded” processes within IRN notaries and registrars (due to delayed readings).

The announcement comes from Attorney General Pedro Ferran Tavares and is being offered as a “guarantee.”

Diário de Notícias said the change will take effect “by the end of this year”.

“We would like to make the submission of requests available online,” Ferrão Tavares told the paper – explaining that the submission would include “a preliminary assessment of the required documents”, allowing the process to go through its normal channels. .

This step alone “removes a lot of pressure on pre-service,” he said. The process for ceding nationality is currently “one of the busiest processes at notaries and registrars, with processing deadlines exceeding 10 times the statutory period,” he said DN. and emphasizes that this has been going on for years. ” due to the exponential increase in the number of applications for Portuguese nationality.

As Ferrão Tavares explains, the idea is to transform the citizenship request in much the same way that the process of applying for and renewing citizenship cards is done online. The decision announced more than 3 million advance appointments. The advantage of offering services online is that it can be done “anytime”. He cited “half of the consultations” on cases taking place during hours when the courts themselves were closed.

The Justice Platform is “one of the central faces of the (sector’s) digital transition” and one of the main focuses of the PRR (Planning for Recovery and Resilience).

The change in nationality application will be accompanied by others, he promised. ). Online citizenship applications will be available by the end of the year

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