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Online sales for rescue during a pandemic

Ben Garcia

Kuwait: E-commerce prospered during the pandemic and became a coveted source of income for many individuals. Online seller Melito Alcantara’s posting on Facebook creates a stable income flow. “I started selling food on Facebook during the pandemic. At that time, people were trading online, so I joined a group of Filipinos involved in this business,” he said. rice field.

Alcantara started by posting some of his food to his account and finally to group and community pages. “Whatever products are available, I’ll post about them. Usually it starts with an inquiry and I get one or two orders until it produces patrons,” he added. Alcantara doesn’t have his own car, so he only takes orders near his home in Salmiya. “I only entertain customers near my house. I started with delivery on foot, but now I deliver orders by bike. In this way, I reach out to many customers. “He said.

Another online seller, Elite Salenga, used free live posts on both TikTok and Facebook. During her pandemic, she lost a part-time job at her school and another side job selling Filipino homes and condos. “Before the pandemic, these jobs provided a very lucrative additional income and helped me and my children a lot. However, because the school cafeteria was closed and sales of homes and condominiums declined, I Lost all those jobs, “she said.

Sarrenga worked with another Filipino to sell products online, from groceries to items that Filipinos use every day, such as clothing and home appliances. During her strict blockade during a pandemic and a curfew, her company provided her with a salary of only 10 days a month, which was barely enough to survive. “I told myself that if I didn’t do anything, I couldn’t help the children who depended on me,” she said. Sarrenga is a widow with five children. “I sell almost everything, including infrequently used items and second-hand items. This online business gives me a better quality of life,” she added.

Selling online has several advantages, including the ability to manage your business from anywhere and the easy access of customers who can access websites and social media accounts to find available products and services. I have.

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