Only 30% of the pork in the shop is

Only 30% of pork What we buy production of BulgariaAccording to statistics.

Producer warns it Pig The purchase price of pork Lower than the price per kilogram of cucumber, the state ignores this sector.

Bulgaria It ’s one of the few European countries that does n’t support it. Pig We are well farmed, which is evidenced by the many times the number of pigs raised in our country.

“”Less than 500,000. It was 4 million in the 1990s, so it’s clear what’s going on.“The branch president, Dimital Mikhailov, said.

He added that when the government was talking about our food security, it was less than one-third of what we needed. pork teeth production: “”About 30%, 70% of imports.. “

The industry is negotiating support with the state, but the production cost is many times higher than the selling price of pork.

“”At the moment, Pig What is sold by Bulgarian producers is a loss of 100 BGN or BGN per kilogram. Looking at the purchase price, it can be said that it is half the price of cucumbers and tomatoes.“Mikhailov said.

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