Open electricity markets were curbed

According to the MP, the liberalization of Cyprus’ electricity market has been hampered by authorities stepping into the employment framework for transmission system operators.

The chairman of the House Energy Committee and DISY MP Kyriakos Hadziyanis called on President Nikos Anastassiades to intervene.

In comments to CyBC Radio, Hadjiyiannis accused the Department of Energy and authorities of not acting quickly to introduce the necessary legislation on the TSO’s employment framework.

Hadjiyiannis said a law to fully separate the Cyprus Transmission System Operator (TSO) from the Cyprus Electricity Authority has been approved by parliament, but the framework governing its operating rules has not yet been submitted by the Ministry of Energy. rice field.

The TSO also oversees the operation of electricity market liberalization.

The ministry sent draft regulations to the Legal Service in July, but they were found to be incomplete.

Even if regulations are approved, authorities will still need them. meaningful time Staff recruitment and training.

Because TSO employees are now civil servants, pending regulations have not ensured fairness for managers to private power producers and suppliers.

Some EAC employees are now seconded to TSO.

Once the new employment framework is in place, they will have to decide whether to leave their positions at the EAC and join TSO or return.

Authorities have yet to introduce legislation to allow the TSO to employ staff.

A service plan for TSO staff was submitted to the Ministry of Public Affairs and Human Resources in June, but has not yet received approval and cannot be forwarded to legal services.

The launch of the free electricity market is expected to be further delayed. Cyprus’ energy regulator said he will have to repeat the trial period for the transmission system in October.

The producers were not ready and the test period will have to be repeated. Participation on the first trial run.

Opposition parliamentarians have blamed the government alone for the delay, with AKEL parliamentarian Costas Costa calling it a “ridicule”.

“The second test run will start on October 16th, but we don’t know when it will be finished,” Costa said.

The introduction of the first law in 2003 has delayed plans to liberalize the energy market by more than a decade.

Based on the roadmap introduced by that law, the electricity market should have been liberalized in 2012.



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