Open on Saturday, June 25th at the Pink Gallery

With 3-4 brush strokes, try to match the color of the original façade of the Art Deco building at the corner of Praçada República. “Maybe a little more salmon … that’s it,” suggests gallery owner Philip Burks is looking into his work.

The building is three stories high and is connected by a spiral staircase. It may look dignified from the outside, but there was no roof on the upper floors. “It was just ruin,” he explains.

But soon there will be three bright rooms with high ceilings, perfect for photo exhibitions. The owner can save the original skylight and there is a small window facing the bell tower of the Elmida de Nossa Senorada Conceison Chapel in the center of Lore. Soon, this will be home to the Pink Gallery of Philip and Anjaberks.

© Albert Watson, Julia Foster on Car, Algarve, Portugal, 1977-Courtesy of In The Pink
© Albert Watson, Julia Foster on Car, Algarve, Portugal, 1977 – Courtesy of InThePink

“When we met, we started collecting photographs. I think it has become a new form of contemporary art in many ways. Today there is an entire market for great photographers. See what auction houses like Christie’s, Sotheby’s, and Phillips have to show, “explains Anja. Although she has a career in banking, she has her experience in the art world. For example, she set up a collection at the Barberini Museum in Potsdam, Germany. “This is a very interesting market and more accessible than other forms of art,” she says.

“That’s how we got to this point. Phil saw the building for sale and decided to restore it. In fact, he had no plans when he bought it. Here I just thought there was something special and I needed to restore it, “Anja adds. Philip Burks, a successful real estate industry, continues: We want to deepen our knowledge. Is there a better way than opening my own gallery? “

“We both quit our travel career and have come to Algarve a lot. Restoring old buildings that are part of the history of Relais is also a way for us to give back to the community. Investing in culture. I can’t think of a better way than doing it, “Anja emphasizes.

After marriage, Anja and Phil founded the Roots & Wings Charitable Foundation. The new gallery will also serve as a venue for future projects. “It will be a way for us to become part of the community and give back something,” as they explain, especially in initiatives for children and adolescents. “We believe that children will have strong roots when they are young and will be able to fly in the future,” says Anja.

© Basciaan Woudt, Tinotenda III, 2015-Courtesy of InThePink© Basciaan Woudt, Tinotenda III, 2015-Courtesy of InThePink
© Basciaan Woudt, Tinotenda III, 2015 – Courtesy of InThePink

Phil describes the strange name of the gallery as follows: But in reality, after purchasing the building, we call it a “pink building” because of its original color. Besides double entender, the name is reminiscent of the paradise and the place of happiness, the Algarve, “he says. “We have been to Porto and Lisbon, where we did not concentrate on photography, but we saw a wonderful gallery. In Portugal, there are excellent photographers such as Helena Almeida and Jorge Molder. We know that, “says Anja, to name just a few.

The gallery’s first exhibition focuses on fashion with three different approaches by three artists. The highlight is an exhibition of 14 photographs by renowned photographer Albert Watson. Its portfolio includes Chanel, Prada, Revlon campaigns and over 100 international covers. trend magazine. “I’ll show you some great pictures of the December issue. Vogue Portugal, for example.Two beautiful photographs taken by Albert are also on display. trend In the Algarve in 1977. At the end of last year, I had the opportunity to visit his studio in New York.He was a little surprised because no one was showing his work in Portugal [by the proposal] But I’m very happy, “Anja reveals.

The second guest artist is Portugal’s first young Dutchman, Bastian Oud. “He has seen a surge in the world of modern photography with his stunning portraits,” says Anja. “He is a self-taught artist, his work is minimal and inspired by the great masters of photography in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s,” Phil adds. Woudt will also attend the opening ceremony of the gallery.

© Kristian Schuller, Nadja III, 2012-Provided by InThePink© Kristian Schuller, Nadja III, 2012-Provided by InThePink
© Kristian Schuller, Nadja III, 2012 – Courtesy of InThePink

Finally, the third photographer to showcase his work at the Loulé venue is Kristian Schuller, a well-established German figure. A Romanian artist living in Berlin is known for his dynamic, intense and colorful work, whose images imply a dreamlike imaginary world. Christian began his fashion career as a stylist, working with fashion designer Vivienne Westwood and learning photography from Berlin’s renowned photographer FC Gundraf. “We had so many names in mind that it wasn’t easy to get to these three. [artists]Phil admits. “But I think these artists represent three amazing but very different visual languages ​​to explain the theme of our launch fashion photography.”

“We really want to make something important to Loure. Once the gallery is established as a reference for fine art photography, we want to start looking for new Portuguese talent,” the owner adds. For now, Anja and Phil are working with local photographer Vasco Célio, who has a studio across the street.

The Pink Gallery will open on June 25th, under the direction of Pedro Basconi. The extraordinary exhibition will be held for about 3 months.

Bruno Filipe Pires

First published in Essential Algarve Magazine Open on Saturday, June 25th at the Pink Gallery

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